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This is a free version of the ZILD Lucid Dreaming application:

ZILD is a lucid dreaming application that runs in conjunction with Zeo Sleep Manager and the Zeo Headband. When Zeo detects that the user is in REM sleep, ZILD triggers a REM alert. ZILD alerts use the camera LED flash of the Android device, and flashes the camera LED at intervals selected by the user. Even though the user is asleep, and dreaming, their eyes can still pick up this outside stimulus and re-create it in the users dream state. These flashing lights could appear as any number of events including fireworks in the sky, strobe lights at a club, or even action movie explosions.

Seeing these types of events with changing light levels should cause the user to perform some sort of reality check such as breathing through a pinched nose, or trying to move a finger through the palm of a hand. If the reality check fails, then the user knows they are dreaming and can be free to do whatever they want!

Users of the paid full version can also set sound notifications to be triggered during REM sleep. App allows for other customization options including LED flash rate, repeating REM alerts and delayed alerts.

ZILD does NOT guarantee lucid dreams. If a user simply accepts the light cues as reality when they are actually dreaming, lucid dreaming is impossible using ZILD. The purpose of ZILD is to remind users to perform reality checks, which will lead to having lucid dreams. ZILD is most effective for users that regularly perform reality checks (both awake and while dreaming), keep dream journals, and practice other lucid dreaming techniques (MILD, WILD, Wake-Back-To-Bed).

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