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Updated December 29, 2012
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GuardianSentral™ is an easy-to-use smart phone application that is used in tandem with your current campus security offering – Emergency Phones, Campus Police, etc. – to provide real-time GPS tracking of individuals who feel they are in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations. Illume Mobile works with your institution to develop a custom GuardianSentral app that you, in turn, offer to students. Once your college’s GuardianSentral app is downloaded to students’ mobile smart phones, they have an extra layer of safety in at their fingertips – literally.

GuardianSentral provides peace of mind for college students and their parents by providing three levels of protection: Check In, Follow Me and Danger

Security Level 1 – Check In GuardianSentral’s Check In mode allows student/faculty to identify an on-campus destination along with the estimated time of their arrival at that location. If the smartphone being used does not arrive at the specified time, GuardianSentral will alert the campus police.

Security Level 2 – Follow Me When using Follow Me, students have the option of using their GuardianSentral app to notify campus police when they are uncomfortable with their environment but are not in any immediate danger. Campus police can “follow” the person via GPS from their headquarters and/or send an officer to the student’s location to escort or provide assistance.

Security Level 3 – Danger Students who find themselves in a threatening or dangerous situation on campus simply have to press a button on their smartphone screen and their GuardianSentral app will call the police, send a GPS code and provide current location information to campus police headquarters. GuardianSentral will continue to track the phone until the alert is deactivated and a security code is confirmed by the user.

Note: GuardianSentral can only be utilized in conjunction with a participating university. User accounts must first be registered with the university’s security office. Participating universities may not all have the same functionality. Please contact your university’s Student Affairs or other appropriate office to determine their participation. Also, please understand that from time to time the GuardianSentral service may be inaccessible, inoperable, or may not perform as desired or designed due to the availability of various technologies that are necessary for proper operation of this service, including but not limited to the lack of, interruption of, or other conditions with the Internet, telecommunications, data connections, satellite services, or hardware devices. GuardianSentral will use the smartphone GPS when any security level has been requested. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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