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This GPA Calculator can calculate your current semester’s GPA, the amount of credit hours needed to reach a specific goal GPA, or the semester GPA needed to reach an overall goal GPA. This GPA Calculator may vary in appearance from platform to platform. Please keep this in mind when leaving comments. Remember this belongs to all of us so send support emails whenever possible.


At Hadronix, we noticed that a better GPA calculator was needed by listening to our college interns complain about existing market calculators. With this in mind, we decided to fill this common college student need. We researched other GPA calculators and concluded that none of the calculators were both fast and flexible while being easy to use. Hadronix LLC set out to correct this market lapse by professionally developing this GPA Calculator.


Fast: We custom designed our algorithms and formulas to be blazing fast. Using the latest standards, our interface minimizes any lag effects. This means your user experience will be rewarding.

Flexible: We want our customers to use this GPA Calculator throughout college so we chose three of the most important GPA calculations students use. We also do not limit you on the number of classes you can input.

Easy to Use: We want your experience to be easy and hassle free. We understand students will play with their GPA looking at multiple different scenarios. We designed this GPA Calculator with you in mind! We give options for quick refreshing or swapping a calculated GPA with a current GPA all with a push of a button. Most importantly, the design is simple, and fast to edit.

Calculator Specifics

Current GPA: This calculator allows the user to calculate the GPA of a set of classes with grades. The user can also input their current GPA and current completed hours to personalize the calculations. The user can add as many courses as they like, reset the courses, or swap this calculated GPA with their current GPA with a push of a button.

Credit Hours: This calculator finds how many credit hours are needed to raise your current GPA to a goal GPA if maintaining a certain average GPA.

Semester GPA: This calculator finds what semester GPA is needed to reach an overall goal GPA after completing a set of courses. The user can also easily swap this calculated GPA with their current GPA with a push of a button.


We at Hadronix value our customers input and encourage all of you to send in support ideas to make this the best GPA calculator ever. No idea is too small.

Recent changes:
-First release for Android.
-Updated the icon to conform the standards.
-Added an exit menu option.

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