iLNE Spell 2 L – Autism Series


iLNE Spell 2 L – Autism Series

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Black, Yellow, Blue…Square, Circle, and Triangle… This app teaches to spell colors and shapes in an interactive way.
‘iLNE Spell 2’ utilizes ABA method of intervention delivery to children with developmental disabilities, special education needs or Autism.

This app is part of iLearnNEarn (iLNE) App series and is organized into multiple Learn & Play sections. Each section includes visual prompts.
Here is how the app progresses –
STEP 1 – Training – This section shows how each word is spelled.
STEP 2 – DT/Play – The Play part of a LEARN & PLAY section works like this –

* Child is expected to pick each letter from top and place in the boxes at the bottom in correct sequence. Depending upon the difficulty level clues will be shown or hidden.

* The play will move to next word if current word is spelled correct
STEP 3 – Reward – Each correct response is rewarded with an animation

ABA & iLearnNEarn App Series
As we know, the recommendation of 40 hours per week of ABA programming as employed by Lovaas’s study has been cited by many parents as being vital to their child’s success. The National Research Council’s 2001 report (p. 184) summarizes the skills necessary for implementing an effective ABA program as:

“Teachers must be familiar with theory and research concerning best practices for children with autistic spectrum disorders, including methods of applied behavior analysis, naturalistic learning, incidental teaching, assistive technology, socialization, communication, inclusion, adaptation of the environment, language interventions, assessment, and the effective use of data collection systems. Specific problems in generalization and maintenance of behaviors also affect the need for training in methods of teaching children with autistic spectrum disorders. The wide range of IQ scores and verbal skills associated with autistic spectrum disorders, from profound mental retardation and severe language impairments to superior intelligence make the need for training of personnel even greater.”

iLearnNEarn offers series of apps based on ABA which help parents and teachers with minimum knowledge of theory. These apps provide supplemental intervention and are delivered through mobile device, tablets and iPads. It also helps introduce generalization in different settings.

The content is reviewed and approved by the expert educators and researchers from the Autism industry and are based on ABA therapy (the only scientifically-validated treatment for children with developmental disabilities, special education needs or autism).

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