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A calculator to calculator your many matrix here for free!
Functions and features:
1. To calculate matrix operation, such as Matrix: Multiplication, Transpose and more you can get in the app. For example, Transpose is to switch the columns and rows of a matrix A. Inverse is to find the inverse of a matrix A. And PLU Factorization is to find the PLU Factorization of a matrix A. Nearly twenty kinds of Matrix operation for you to use and calculate.
2. How to do the operations? You, the user, selects one of the Matrix operation(such as “Projection”) from the drop down box. Input vectors A and B. Press “Calculate” on the main screen or from the menu, the system will switch to display view. Multiply Vector by constant is also the same steps.
3.Magic Matrix is a free app which is used by everyone with the limitation of age and time. You can hole it always at your service.
4.Introduction of several Matrix which you may not understand: 1.Magnitude: find the magnitude of a vector A. 2. Heat Map displays a graphical representation of a matrix A.3.Cross product finds the vector product of the two coordinate vectors of A and B. There are so many that I can not display them all here.
5. Click menu, you can get the buttons for add,, calculate reset open save and help. Select one according to your need.
6.Press “Setting”, you will see the words said beforehand:”For better user experience, it had better for you to modify its delay time, since the delay time in this app may be very shot. and the screen will turn off. With this behavior, it may hurt your phone and your eyes absolutely! Remind that this setting is only to modify the delay time in this app not in the whole phone and you change it in your setting.” Activate it or not, try it and get your favorite.
7. There are more waiting for you to discover. If you want to get to know more you can press about and enter our website to get more information of our company.
8.You may be curious that how you can support us? First, recommend it to one of your friends and tell your family if you like. The next, five starts is welcome all the time. If you like, please give us five stars. Lastly, we confess that we are not perfect there must be something that can not make you satisfied. If you have any problem, please tell us by sending an email. Any feedback will be welcome.

Scientific calculator, graphing Calculator…
No calculator can bring you more surprise and convenience.
Believe it or not, why not download it here for free now and text it by yourself. And surely you will love it.

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