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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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This is an App to learn chemical elements and their period/group at the periodic table. It is possible to learn them by playing the puzzle game.

It has three modes.
1 simple periodic table(not puzzle)
2 puzzle by a period and group
3 puzzle by a name or symbol

At mode 1, in tapping the symbol, its details are shown in a new form that has a link to Wikipedia4).

At puzzle modes, some ranges of elements are hidden and indicated in white panels. You can select the ranges of hidden elements from 1 period to 7 periods before starting a puzzle, but it is not available to select only the 1st period because of only 2 elements there.

If you don’t know an answer at a puzzle, you can skip it. Tap the questioned symbol at the mode 2, or “Skip” button at the mode 3.

Though periodic table has void area like as group 2-17 at 1st period, etc., white panels appear there, too. Such area is neglected when the other area(elements exist) are fixed correctly. You can answer “No element here” there(not by area but each group) at mode 3. It will help to understand not only the names, symbols and order of elements but the belonging groups.

It supports following languages, but some comments are partially translated except for English and Japanese version.

– Deutsch
– English
– Español
– Français
– 日本語
– 한국어
– Português
– Русский
– ไทย
– 中文
— 大陆简体
— 港澳繁體
— 马新简体
— 台灣正體

1) This App does not prepare individual categories with respect to Lantanoids and Actinoids, but the same color of panels is adopted as f-orbital elements.
2) This App adopts Aluminium and Caesium following to the spells in the table published by IUPAC. However Aluminum or Cesium can be recognized as right spells at English locale only.
3) This App includes Technetium in the synthetic elements by historical background though it exists rarely in natural.
4) Wikipedia is a free, collaboratively edited and multilingual Internet encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

Ads are shown in the main form.

Recent changes:
1.6 correction of an error in resuming from another app
1.5(11) correction of the display on an atomic weight
1.5 adding space between 3rd and 4th periods
1.4 improvement of errors on the database

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