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I just adore, your new front door. Be careful not to bump your head, when you sit up in a bunk bed. Can you foretell, who’ll ring your bell? Can you see me, on your TV? This is an educational game to help you recognize the names of items found in and around a house in spoken English. Each item has an associated rhyme which gives an example of the word in action and helps you to remember how to use the word yourself in English conversation. Ideal for students learning to speak English either as a first or a second language.

Students hear a name or rhyme spoken and choose the matching photo. They then hear more information which they will need to answer subsequent questions. After six right in a row, Race Mode starts automatically. It asks questions at speed to test the students’ memory and comprehension of the names and facts just covered, before continuing with new ones. At the end of the race, students can see how well they have done relative to their other races. The game gradually focuses on any names and facts that the students have difficulty recognizing, and speeds up as competence is gained.

By contrast to Race Mode, Story Mode slowly introduces new names and facts by saying them as the photos are shown, allowing students to quietly look, listen and learn.

The game is controlled by on-screen gestures which are simple to demonstrate and easy to use, and the game can be played without voice prompts.

* 60 colourful photos of things you find in and around a house
* Spoken rhymes about each item to help you remember them
* Race Mode tests memory and comprehension against the clock
* Story Mode allows students to look, listen and learn
* Slideshow Mode displays all the photos and facts in alphabetical order
* Zoom and Pan Mode magnifies the images to see more detail
* Easy on-screen gestures to control the game
* Context-sensitive help

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