Discover English Learn at Zoo


Discover English Learn at Zoo

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With the Discover English with Ben & Bella – Learn all about the Zoo App, learning is made interactive for children!
Developed to be played on all Android Smartphones & Tablets, Discover English with Ben & Bella – Learn all about the Zoo App is the first in a series of interactive applications to encourage children up to 7 years old to discover English and expand their English-learning skills. Approved by teachers, parents and toddlers alike, the app focuses on simplicity and ease of use.
Like all Ben & Bella products, it is based on the pedagogical principle of immersive learning, in which children acquire new words by simultaneously hearing and “seeing” them and understanding their meaning through the context. Children are plunged into a complete English-language environment that is lively, varied and – above all – lots of fun.
With this app, your child’s knowledge is boosted by:
*learning the names and sounds of 34 different animals
*reading, understanding and counting numbers from 1-10
*learning colors
*learning about size, distance, patterns and grouping
*being introduced to concepts such as small–big, near–far and odd one out
*enhancing problem-solving skills
*improving fine-motor skills
The 7 different games included in the app are:
* Find the Animal: After hearing their names, children must find the right animals. This game teaches animal names and sounds; it also encourages concentration and correct pronunciation.
* Matching Pairs: Search for the animals hidden behind bushes and rocks and find the matching pairs. This game teaches animal names, sounds and the concept of grouping; it also trains children’s memory.
* Find the Color: Pick the right color on a multi-colored animal. While teaching the names of colors, this game encourages children to listen and look carefully.
* Pick the Odd One Out: Find the odd animal in the group. Children must concentrate in order to distinguish one from the other.
* Find the Biggest/Smallest Animal: Children must identify the biggest or smallest among groups of similar animals. This game teaches animal names and trains children to focus.
* Count the Number of Animals: This game’s “read aloud” function allows children to count the number of animals, enhancing their number learning and counting skills.
* Find the Farthest/Nearest Animal: Children must identify farthest or nearest among groups of similar animals. This game teaches animal names and how to distinguish distances.
* a full English voice-over
* an interface that toddlers / pre-schoolers will find simple and intuitive
* a “read aloud” function that helps in pronunciation of words and numbers
* colorful high-resolution artwork and lively music that keep children engaged
* interactive animal stickers allowing children to create their own zoo
* a reward screen showing a child’s achievement
After finishing certain games, children will enjoy creating their own zoo on the screen by picking animals of their choice; these can be saved to the photo gallery and also e-mailed to friends and family. The reward screen featuring a child’s achievements compels him or her to perform better.
Engaging, entertaining and easy to understand, the Discover English with Ben & Bella – Learn all about the Zoo App enhances young children’s English learning while they are having fun. Don’t let your child miss out!

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