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LD SAT Vocab Builder Lite

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Preparing for SAT? Want to master English vocab? LingoDiction SAT is what you need. Learn as many words as you can. Get to know Synonyms, Antonyms, Origin and other important aspects of the words. Play its entertaining games like Army of Synonyms and Scramble to retain the words in your memory. Start your learning from today!
The games in LD SAT prep are embedded after keen research on the retention of learned words in human mind. Learn the words with their attributes and play games! You would not realise how easily words of English language will be imbibed in your memory.
Read Phonetics of the words to abstain from wrong pronunciation. Touch and learn speaking better by listening the audio and imitating it.

Features like Staples allows the user to save words in new categories for quick future reference. Matchstix provides a detailed view of one of the words you save, while Potpourri shows detailed view of all the saved words in one go. Learn at your own speed with playback.
Take this LD SATs vocabulary prep workshop and boost up your SAT score!
You can share your quiz scores on Facebook! You can even make your contributions to the information in LD SAT. But hey! Do not forget to leave your feedback! It will help us make a better vocabulary prep app.

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