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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Chemical Pal (or ChemPal), the Chemical Resource, is an app designed to allow students and professionals to get information about chemical data in day-to-day chemistry and education.

** For anyone who wants to contribute to this project, please look for “Chemical Pal (Donate)” in our other apps. Your support is greatly appreciated! **

NOTE: The Internet access privilege is for collecting app data usage only, in order for us to find out what features you like best and what issues you may have with the application. We do NOT collect personal data and will NOT serve you advertisements!

Please consider reviewing or commenting; reviews and comments help us decide what features to add next! If you want to see something, don’t stay quiet; chances are, someone else wants it, too!

The app provides four features. The first is a mass calculator, that allows you to input any formula, such as “Al(SO4)3”, and receive the relative atomic mass of such a compound. Additionally, typing in the name of a single element (such as “Hydrogen”) will yield the mass of that element.

ChemPal also allows you to browse a list of all elements in the periodic table and view their name, elemental index, and weight. By tapping on one, you access our third feature, the elemental data sheet, which provides weight, density, boiling point, melting point, electron configurations, and more. Also provides a link to Wikipedia.

The final feature is a Periodic Table of the Elements, which is color-coded for different element types. You can tap each square to get basic info, or tap its full name to get the data sheet on it.

If you are an international user and notice any errors in translations (my native language is English), please either write a review or email me–I’d like to eliminate these errors as soon as possible!

More features are on the way! Comments and reviews help us provide better updates in the future.

Recent changes:
– Fixed a crash with the periodic table.
– Fixed a crash related to the reaction balancer.
– Updated the crash reports for better detail.

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