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Learn chinese is a app that classification is the most comprehensive and the scope of the most widely, It contain 12 main topics ,more than 50 secondary topics and more than 2000 daily expressions. Learn Chinese is recorded by native speaker and we have tried our best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand.
It contains the theme of the life, entertainment, guest, first aid, banking, visa office etc,So it is an essential tool for home, travel, business, study, work abroad.If you are a beginner in Chinese,Here are the most basic daily expressions.If you are Chinese attainments,Then there is a more profound, more complex communicative language.
Learning every day,You will be a success. Of course, Through our speech recognition system to help you better understand their own learning.


★ Local standard recordist recorded reading.
★ A full range of categories, covering a wide range.
★ No network, anytime, anywhere learning.
★ Voice recording, detection pronunciation.
★ Record the most useful and favorite sentences,Quick and easy to help you consolidate before learning.
★ According to the mobile,topics,learning environment to change the background of app as you need.


★ Basic Expressions
–Greetings –Saying Goodbye –Thanks –Apologies –Compliments –Approval –Disapproval –Numbers –Time and Date
★ Personal Information
–Name –Age –Nationality –Professions –Family Members –Hobbies
★ Eating Out
–Before the Meal –Ordering Dishes –Likes and Dislikes –During the Meal –After the Meal
★ Shopping
–At the Supermarket –At the Free Market –At a Department Store –Bargaining
★ Going Out
–Talking about the Weather –Asking the Way –Taking a Taxi –Public Transportation –Taking the Airplane –Taking the Train
★ At the Hotel
–Reservation and Check in –Room Facilities –Hotel Service
★ Recreation and Leisure Life
–Karaoke –Watching Movies/TV –Bar/Coffee House/Tea House –Sports and Fitness –Taking Photos/Developing Films
★ Being a Guest
–Time –Invitation –Welcome –Saying Goodbye –Visiting a Residence
★ Parties
–Festive Gathering –Birthday Party
★ Telephones, Post Offices and Banks
–Making Phone Calls –Sending Letters/Parcels –Opening an Account/Reporting the loss –Depositing/Withdrawing Money –Exchanging Money
★ Life Services
–Renting an Apartment –Haircut/Beauty Treatments –Repair –Laundry
★ Experiencing Problems
–Seeing a Doctor –Asking for Help –Seeking for Help in an Emergency

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