Kids games: Learning letters


Kids games: Learning letters

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Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby or toddler!
Play is the work of children – through play and interaction, children learn how to talk, listen, read, and write!
3 different educational games in one application:
– match letters with right one
– compose words of different names
– catch all correct letters!

Many children don't learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet by name until they start school. Why not give your child a jump start on reading by trying out our simple age-appropriate games? Not only will your child learn to recognize each letter by name, he or she will have fun while doing it!

During children first year, babies hear speech as a series of distinct, but meaningless words. By age 1, most children begin linking words to meaning. They understand the names used to label familiar objects, body parts, animals, and people.

As children develop their language skills, they give up these assumptions and learn new words and meanings. From this point on, children develop language skills rapidly.

At the same time as they are gaining listening and speaking skills, young children are learning about reading and writing.

The alphabet is the building block of literacy and so children must learn to recognize and name the letters, both in and out of order, and the sounds associated with each letter.

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of early learning about literacy. Distinguishing between letters and learning their names is not all there is to 'learning the alphabet'. Knowing how alphabet letters function in writing and knowing specific letter-sound associations are crucial.

As their language skills grow, young children tell stories, identify printed words such as their names, write their names on paintings and creations, and incorporate writing in their make-believe play. After listening to a story, they talk about the people, feelings, places, things, and events in the book and compare them to their own experiences.

So, what can parents do to help their child develop good writing skills during the elementary years?

Just download our application and it will teach your child:

• To know that print carries meaning!
• To know what written language looks like!
• To identify and name letters of the alphabet!
• To know that letters are associated with sounds!
• To know the sounds that letters make!
• To know using words can serve various purposes!
• To learn Alphabet song!

Our application provides Fun and Regular learning:

• Fun, engaging, exciting and addicting games, that challenges to acquire new knowledge!
• Only regular learning will lead you child to excellent results!

Most children follow the same sequence and pattern for development, but do so at their own pace.
Our application will help your child to do this easier and faster! Because children's experiences and interactions in the early years are critical to their brain development and overall learning! This app will be your family teacher to improve your child memory!
Colorful high resolution images, funny music and a lot of pleasure for your baby! This game is a small adventure for your baby. Let him shows to his parents how he learns numbers.
Game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten level.
This application is good for tablets and phones. Now it is only in English, nut if you need more languages – contact us!
Play with your kids and have lots of fun and laugh together 🙂
Thanks to everybody who helps us to improve our games.
We always welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us at

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