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UpdatedSeptember 16, 2013
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This is truly a gift from God that so many people can make use of this app in many different languages!

No matter what our circumstances, the Bible contains the direction and counsel that we need. Read it daily.

✔ Maximum 4 widgets (4 Language) and 9 styles support (Transparent, Light, Dark, Colorful),The widgets will be updated into new informations every 30 minutes.

✔ Currently supported languages are 50 Language :
– English
– Afrikaans(Afrikaans)
– Akan(Twi-Akuapem)
– Bahasa Indonesia(Indonesian)
– Bicol(Bicol)
– Cebuano(Cebuano)
– Česky(Czech)
– Dansk(Danish)
– Deutsch(German)
– Español(Spanish)
– Eesti(Estonian)
– Eʋegbe(Ewe)
– Français(French)
– Ga(Ga)
– Hiligaynon(Hiligaynon)
– Hrvatski(Croatian)
– Iloko(Iloko)
– IsiXhosa(Xhosa)
– IsiZulu(Zulu)
– Íslenska(Icelandic)
– Italiano(Italian)
– Kiswahili(Swahili)
– Kreol Seselwa(Seychelles Creole)
– Lietuvių(Lithuanian)
– Magyar(hungarian)
– Malagasy(Malagasy)
– Nederlands(Dutch)
– Norsk(Norwegian)
– Oshikwanyama(Kwanyama)
– Polski(Polish)
– Português(Portuguese)
– Română(Romanian)
– Sepedi(Sepedi)
– Sesotho(Sesotho)
– Setswana(Tswana)
– Shona(Shona)
– Shqip(Albanian)
– Suomi(Finnish)
– Svenska(Swedish)
– Tagalog(Tagalog)
– Waray-Waray(Waray-Waray)
– Xitsonga(Tsonga)
– Ελληνική(Greek)
– Русский(Russian)
– 日本語(Japanese)
– 한국어(Korean)
– 汉语(简化字)(Chinese Simplified)
– 漢語(繁體字)(Chinese Traditional)

Thank you to those who translate!

✔ This app is very convenient if you don’t happen to have your copy of “Examining the Scriptures Daily” with you at work, school, etc… Since you always have your Android with you, you can now keep day’s text right by your side. With support for multiple languages, people from many different lands can read the daily text from within one app. You can use this App in your life, car, bus, train, subway, ship, airplane, on the street, on the field service, at school, at work place, anywhere, anytime!

*** Please note ***
If you have recently updated the application and are now receiving an error, please delete the App and redownload and reinstall it. Then this should resolve any errors.

“This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations. And then the end will come.” – Matthew 24:14. –

Tages : jw,, jehovah, dailyapp, watchtower, examining the scriptures daily, TMS, TMS BOOK, TMS schedule, Daily Text.
Codzienne badanie Pism 
Dagelijks de Schrift onderzoeken
Denně zkoumejme Písmo
Dnevno pregledovanje Svetega pisma
Esaminiamo le Scritture ogni giorno
Examinando las Escrituras diariamente
Examine as Escrituras Diariamente
Examining the Scriptures Daily
Examinons les Écritures chaque jour
Fandinihana ny Soratra Masina Isan’andro
Forska dagligen i Skrifterna
Go Hlahloba Mangwalo ka Mehla
Go Tlhatlhoba Dikwalo ka Malatsi Otlhe
Gransk Skriftene daglig
Ho Hlahlobisisa Mangolo Kamehla
Kasdien tyrinėkime Raštus
Ku Kambisisa Matsalwa Siku Ni Siku
Kutsal Yazıları Her Gün Araştırmak
Kuyachunguza Maandiko Kila Siku
Kyerɛwnsɛm no Mu a Wobehwehwɛ Daa
Menyelidiki Kitab Suci Setiap Hari
Ñahesaʼỹijo Ñandejára Ñeʼẽ ára ha ár
Ŋɔŋlɔawo Me Dzodzro Gbe Sia Gbe
Ŋmalɛi lɛ Amli ni Wɔɔkwɛ Daa
Ondersoek die Skrif elke dag
Pagsusuri sa Kasulatan Araw-araw
Pag-usisa sa Kasulatan Adlaw-adlaw
Să examinăm Scripturile în fiecare zi
Svakodnevno razmatranje Svetog pisma
Täglich in den Schriften forschen
Tutkimme Raamattua päivittäin
Ukuhlola ImiBhalo Nsuku Zonke
Ukuhlolisisa IZibhalo Imihla Ngemihla
Undersøg daglig Skrifterne 
Uuri Pühakirja iga päev
Vizsgáljuk az Írásokat naponta!
Καθημερινή Εξέταση των Γραφών
Исследовать Писания каждый день
Щоденне досліджування Святого Письма
Աստուածաշունչը քննենք ամէն օր
წმინდა წერილების ყოველდღიური განხილვა
날마다 성경을 검토함

Recent changes:
✔ Maximum 4 widget (4 Language) and 9 styles (Transparent, Light, Dark, Colorful), The widgets will be updated into new informations every 30 minutes.

1. Uninstall previous version and widget.
2. Redownload new version and reinstall it.
3. Add new widgets on the your mobile screen.
4. Then it will be reslove any issue.

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