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Subway Surfers Tips&Tricks

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Subway parkour parkour game with American street style is one style of the game using the 3D perspective, running, jumping, tumbling, full of dynamic and colorful picture every day instant refresh three tasks for players to challenge , along with colorful props and upgrades, the many hidden role waiting for you to open! To avoid the oncoming train! Help senior, skills leisure cooked and inexperienced players to evade the grumpily inspectors Bulldog check.

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The game is set in the subway tracks, Jake and naughty little fellow players to help escape the police hunt, at the same time between the subway to the game to increase the difficulty of the challenge. The game screen is lovely, delicate, One Ministry very good works.

Subway surfing is a very easy to learn the game, but if you want to play good is not so easy.
As we described at the beginning, your goal is to run away as far as possible, while gold coins, the perspective of the game as much as possible to collect on the tracks for the role forward direction. After departure, by sliding around role change their trajectories and other important control is jumping and rolling, the mode of operation of these actions and change the track One kind is sliding, sliding upward jump, slide down scroll. These operations is to game the basic mode of operation, the course of the game, we want to take advantage of these to make a variety of combinations. Will be collected automatically when through on the gold, with the gold we can buy a new role to a role, of course, can also buy props and upgrade props.

Tasks and daily challenges
In addition to the basic parkour and collect gold coins, subway surfing more interesting task system, subway surfing can have several different types of tasks, we come gradually One description. At the start of the game, the the task table shows the main interface in the game, in the top left of the screen, the progress of the game by clicking on the pause button can also enter a list of tasks, the pause button, also located in the upper-left corner of the screen. The tasks include “collect 500 coins” “win 1000 points” such as these, the task reached will you after the completion of the current One Board game displayed on the main screen.
Subway surfing daily challenges
Subway surfing for the players set a daily challenge task One meeting can be done every day and get a special reward. Click on the pause button in the game which can view the details of the daily challenges, clearly you need to do in order to get the reward. Daily challenges typical of One species is to collect the letters of the word “ROLL” can be obtained after the completion of the mysterious chest.

Props and new roles
Subway surfing course of the game can be randomly picked up one more props in the props store to buy gold coins, these props also can be upgraded.

Subway surfing props
Can be picked up: rocket-propelled backpack can let the role fly One distance along the collecting One string gold; the super athletic shoes can make the character run faster than under normal circumstances; gold magnet can help the role automatically collected near a certain range all gold; final double points, the One given time scores doubling. These skills can only last for a limited time, so the need to better grasp the opportunity to take advantage of them. There is also the need to manually activate a one-time props.
Subway surfing props
The air cushion skateboard will provide a passport invincible, so you definitely time without any harm, One particularly useful props. Open the the mysterious chest randomly One kinds of props, may One bag of gold, One props or other items, the mysterious chest suggested only in gold very wealthy with.

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    subway surfer tips
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