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The Weekend Gardener Preview


The Weekend Gardener Preview

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*** Step-by-Step Guide Reveals How You Can Have A Beautiful Garden That Almost Takes Care of Itself! ***

Dear Reader,

“. . .and believe it or not you can do
it in just a few hours on the weekend!”

The Lost Weekend

Meet Fred. He used to spend every daylight hour on Saturday and Sunday doing back breaking work in his garden. Dirty, disheveled and perspiring he was not a happy camper.

By the time Monday rolled around, Fred would drag his aching back and muscles off to his job and prepare to do the same thing all over again when the next weekend arrived. Sound familiar?

The really sad part about his story, is that even after putting in all that hard work, his yard really didn’t look all that great!

You see Fred isn’t any different than most property owners. Just like you, he wanted to have a garden that would bring pleasure and satisfaction. The only problem is time. . .the lack of it!

A Better Weekend

What if you could have it all? A beautiful, restful garden that beckons to be enjoyed. And, what if you could do it in just a few hours every weekend? Impossible? Not at all!

The Weekend Gardener truly is the busy persons guide to a beautiful backyard garden. You can have it all! Jam-packed with 155 pages you’ll discover everything you need to know, such as:

* Taming the lawn beast
* Grass versus ground cover
* The proper grass selection
* Easy care plants for weekenders
* Have the perfect flower garden
* How about those roses!
* Delicious fruits and vegetables
* Keep ’em moving crop rotation
* Natural landscapes
* Vertical gardening
* Vegetable roommates
* Meadow gardening
* Everlasting perennial crops

The Weekend Gardener teaches you all of this and more! Each chapter contains a “quick tip” for easy reference.


“The Weekenders Year Long Calendar of Activities,” takes all the guesswork out of what to do in your garden and when to do it.

Grab your copy of The Weekend Gardener and discover how to have your very own lovely garden. A place where the landscape sparkles with refreshment and the beauty of nature.

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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