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Cen Kailun books collection


Cen Kailun books collection

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Updated October 15, 2013
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The software includes more than 45 books set the [support of sophistication reading].
1) The software is simple, and can remember the last time you read the content, change the screen brightness, font size, night mode function. Rare reading helper, help you to the the work fatigue while reading better relax can also feel the inner world of the characters, the experience of pen wonderful. Make life more beautiful and exciting.
2) the main bibliography are as follows:
“Teen idols”
“Zuihua Yin
“Happy Flower”
“Cheng Zhuang”
“Dream of Spring”
“Butterfly Dream”
“Love, such as spring
“Fortunately Ring
“Swan girl”
“Wealthy Qi Tan
“Eternal Amber”
“Drifting clouds.”
“Purple Moon”
August cherries “
“Little Star”
“Hi! Girls”
“Sided Eve”
“Magic feather fountain”
Night wind
Love posts
“Golden Delicious Angel”
“Rainbow Princess”
“Mischievous matchmaker”
“Premortal debt”
“Weaving one thousand dreams”
“Prince Charming.”
“Sweetheart Do not play with fire”
“Girl next door”
“Honey child”
“Youthful spark”
“Wild roses and tulips
“Dance of the Flowers”
“Last Christmas”
“Wushan dream”
“Red Apple”
“Beautiful female Bosnia”

软件包含 书集45多本,【支持繁简阅读】。

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