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SSF4 AE V2012 Free

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UpdatedSeptember 24, 2013
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Super Street Fighter 4 AE V2012 Guide Free Trial.

Since SSFIV AE V2012 come out, I find no way in the internet that has complete 39 characters frame data and all its related information. This apps, is just an apps that you need and explore all the details about Super Street Fighter IV AE V2012 on console(PS3,X360) perhaps PC.

This apps targets moderate and high level players hence put all important data onto palm. Key Features(complete latest 39 characters):

1) Character Profile,included updated vitality,stun,walk speed, dash speed, jumping, Focus Attack Lv 1 on block dash, Focus Attack Lv 2 on block dash.

2) Unique Attack Command

3) Special Attack Command

4) Super Combo Command

5) Ultra Combo Command

6) Details changes from AE to AE V2012

7) LIMITED move data, damage, stun…etc

8) LIMITED frame data with DETAILS REMARKS. eg. f1 – f3 whole body invincible, f4-f8 throw invincible…etc. All move with details explanations.

9) Go for full version to unlock latest hit boxes.

10) Video features (need internet connection)

11) Forum (connect to

Because this apps is aim for moderate/high level players, I think some very useful information perhaps advance enough information to put on a mobile device.

Hope this apps will bring convenience to players that prepare tournament especially professional players.

Personally I am Akuma player and I origin from Malaysia.

Forever loving this game.

This is forever free version with LIMITED features only. Go for full version to unlock all complete features.

Recent changes:
V 1.03–Fixed Forum URL problem
–add in Notes feature.
–add in v2013 changes(coming soon)

Content rating: Everyone

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