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学英文 - 英文每日C (English Daily C)


学英文 - 英文每日C (English Daily C)

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Updated September 15, 2013
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继 背单字 EngKing 英文单字王之后又一新作,《英文每日C》 是一套超夯的 Android 无痛速成看影片和好文的英文学习测验软体,每天提供各式各样从网路公开资源收集的影音、文章课程,总学习数量高达上千篇,内容有生活、职场、旅游等连老美都超爱看的英文超赞影片及精采文章,不容错过!
1. 看影片学英语︰无痛看有趣影片学英语。
2. 好文赏欣︰新闻英语、有趣英文俗语等介绍。
3. 例句测验︰把测验变成像玩俄罗斯方块一样好玩有趣。
4. 收藏管理︰打造专于您的个人收藏影片和好文资料夹。

Following the back the word EngKing English word king, another new
English Daily C “is a super-hot Android painless quick look at the film and a good text in English software, there are a wide range of life, work, travel, and even America are super to read the English movie awesome and wonderful article not to be missed!
The features of this software every day to provide a variety of English learning related videos and a good text for a day just to spend less than half an hour of time will be able to get through the English Renduermo.
Content classification also encompasses the most popular TOEIC workplace dialogue, English grammar introduced back word skills, business English, news and current affairs and other aspects of learning.
English Daily C “provides four functions:
1. Watching movies to learn English: painless to see an interesting movie to learn English.
2. Good text reward Hin: News in English, it is interesting English proverb such as introduction.
3. Listen test: the test becomes like playing Tetris fun.
4. Collection management: build specifically to your personal collection of films and a good text folder.

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