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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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Kingsoft Andrews version of the new stage. Intelligent voice words, a comprehensive collection of 4.3 billion based corpus written Collins authoritative dictionary, stylish UI design, more comprehensive dictionary, plug dictionary download, new words in this cloud synchronization, the introduction of Baidu professional translators, for your word, translation, English learning has brought a more intimate experience!
Stylish UI design, to build the strongest user experience: the UI facelift, a fresh the Palaces grid mode, each Function Point One glance, let you use is no longer confused.
Intelligent voice recognition, said, check: the new voice recognition feature provides three input methods, you can say the English word the pronunciation or letters spelling the phone. Quickly identify and help you complete the query.
3 the open plug dictionary download local function is more powerful: the new data center, you can tailor to customize their own dictionary. Powerful thesaurus all the information is free.
4. The the more intimate dictionary: Interpretation, phonetic pronunciation, deformation words, synonyms and antonyms, with a comprehensive collection of.
5. Comprehensive collection of Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner Learning Dictionary: The Definitive Learning Dictionary. Set in English and Chinese, English, sentences in One Body, Featured in the 4.3 billion words, both spoken and written corpus.
6. Carry word of this: If you want to prepare for the exam, you need to memorize a lot of words, then the words of this function of the new version. Definitely will help you. Here to provide a thoughtful sort cover Interpretation functionality. Not only that, PowerWord can also help you put words synchronize data between the PC / website / phone wherever you manage your own words.
7 new revision information page, the band diagram of the daily series: the new version. Provide check-term services, also provides a wonderful bilingual reading content. The including ‘Daily One sentence” bilingual” `’, One block content are carefully selected, so that you find one counterpart fun while learning English.
Introduction of Baidu professional translation engine, long text translated One key to get: One kind of like the translation engine on the PC, on the phone, your One kind can experience the same quality of the translation effect. If you regularly read English documents or text messages, e-mail, etc. need to be translated, the translation function will be your best helper.

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