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Martial Arts

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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This app is for all fans of marshal arts who want to see amazing facts and videos that will raise adrenaline for sure. Beside fun you will learn lot of useful fighting facts that you didn’t know.

Maybe you just want to learn how to defend your self by watching basic steps from top world top professionals in hand-to-hand combat, you’ll be delighted with the materials that these application provides for you.

Some of marshal arts and combat techniques that you will see are:

9 tips for beginners
Learn effective kick skils
The ultimate Wing Chu training video
Karate for beginners
Basic Karate Blocks
Intermediate karate
9 tips for beginers
Basic karate movments
Taekwondo speed kicking
Taekwondo doube front kick

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We hope you will enjoy!

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