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The Good Habit Guide

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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Is Biting Your Nails Getting Out of Hand?
(no pun intended)

Is That Occasional Alcoholic Beverage
Becoming a Daily Occurrence?

Are You Smoking More and More and
Enjoying it Less and Less?

Good! That Means You Finally May Be
Ready To Do Something About It!

Habits can range anywhere from biting your nails as shown above to really serious self-defeating habits like drinking, gambling or smoking. Is that niggling little thought that’s in the back of your mind getting louder?

You know exactly what that is. It’s that inner voice that tells you that you have to stop smoking, eating or whatever your particular habit may be. It drives you nuts ‘cuz it never goes away, does it?

Every time you start chewing a nail you tell yourself that next time you’ll do better. Next time you’ll sit on your hands, or you won’t light that cigarette or eat that doughnut.

Who is to blame?

Aha! There’s the rub! It’s pretty doggone tough when you don’t have someone else to blame, isn’t it? There isn’t anyone else to shift the responsibility to so – not only do you have the habit you own all the guilt that goes along with the inability to stop!

It’s really a self-defeating prophecy isn’t it? The worse the habit, the harder it is to break. And the more you beat yourself up creating more and more guilt.

Are you ready to do something about it?

If so, then you can jump right to the end of the page and seize your copy of “The Good Habit Guide – How to Rid Yourself of Bad Habits!”

It doesn’t matter what your habit is. The principles are the same. The first thing you need to do is understand how habits are formed. You have to understand the anatomy of the habit before you can begin to break it down and finally succeed in eliminating it.

If you are serious. . .

Take a look at what you can do once you have your hands on a copy of “The Good Habit Guide – How to Rid Yourself of Bad Habits!”

• What you can do to change habits – Learn how habits are developed in the first place.
• Is there something stopping you? You want to change a habit but you just can’t seem to succeed. Discover why.
• Tripping the trigger – Reveals how to identify your trigger is and how to replace or diffuse it.
• Change is a process – First comes the decision, then preparation and finally learn the process.
If you have never seriously tried breaking a bad habit, exploring your options is something you should consider and “The Good Habit Guide” includes some you may have never considered, such as:
Using Meditation and Relaxation or even self-hypnosis to facilitate habit changes. Changing habits means changing thoughts and these are some methods that do work.
Some of the specific habits discussed are:
• Overspending and Shopping
• Relationship Habits
• Overeating

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