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Welcome to AIS Bookstore by Ookbee Digital largest bookstore in the country.
Find magazines and books from leading publishers such as Kling, GM, Secret, Hello, T3, home and garden, I, IMAGE, Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen, Golf Digest, and many more. You will find books, magazines, new every week. In every story you would read books such as entertainment, politics, sports, women and young mothers, etc..
AIS Bookstore will take you to the world of the modern reader. Find your favorite books and magazines in rich and interactive digital edition of the book, which will be added to the Video, Audio, and more to suit all of your reading.
– you can buy books and magazines to books. Or annual subscription and save extra
– find free books and magazines, many of the Application.
– Apply Ookbee Account to store and read your old RAM out of the program, all of Ookbee.
* You can choose to buy the magazine and the book is available now at a special price. www.ookbee.com.
Special ** For a registration AIS Network AIS Package top 10 books read magazines or books free 3 month via the mobile. www.ookbee.com.
Press *** Like “facebook.com / ookbee” to get the latest promotions. And a free book.
If you have any problems with your **** and order. Contact. Member@ookbee.com. (the 24th hour) or 087-809-0423 (office hours).
100% if the load can be read offline.
Specification to recommend
– from the GPU and CPU 1 ghz or higher.
– Ram 512.
– with sdcard. for storage.
– Official ROM.

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