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Introducing the Good e-Reader Audio Reader eBook app, where you can turn any eBook into an audiobook! This is the first Android app in the world that forgoes the standard text to speech engine and employs Amazon Polly, which is what Alexa is built on, to read your eBooks aloud. While you are reading, the text in the eBook is highlighted in real time, so you can follow along or simply listen on your smartphone or tablet. You can side-load in your own EPUB/MOBI/PRC/FB2 books into your device and choose from over 28 different languages to have them read aloud to you.

Audiobooks are a billion dollar business and major publishers have been doubling down on the amount of new titles they turn into proper audiobooks. There is less than 20,000 new audiobooks a year being produced in Canada and the United States and less in Europe. Audiobooks sold by companies like Audible, Kobo and Google are expensive; you are paying anywhere from $25 to $45 per title. If you like to listen to audiobooks while going to sleep or working out, it can become a very expensive habit.

Amazon Polly is the premier voice assistant in tech; it is what the Amazon Echo is based on. Polly sounds more natural than SIRI or Google Voice Assistant. Polly is the perfect narration tool for readers who want their books read aloud and don’t want the standard robotic voice that makes immersion. Good e-Reader is the only Android app that employs Polly in this manner, even Amazon does not narrate your Kindle Books aloud

Key Features

• Turn any eBook into an audiobook
• Immersion Reading: Text is highlighted when the audiobook is playing.
• Audio Narration available in over 28 different languages.
• Collection Management: Add books to your own personal collections.
• Dynamic Home Screen: Keeps track of all of your ebooks.
• Built in file manager to import in your favorite eBooks.
• You can import eBooks from your phones internal storage, SD or Google Drive
• Supported eBook formats: EPUB, MOBI, PRC, FB2, PDF
• Bright and Vibrant eBook cover art.
• Change fonts, text size, margins and much more.
• Change the background of the book you are reading or adjust the brightness.
• PDF User Guide will teach you how to use the app.
• You can forgo the audiobook system and just read with our advanced parser and rendering engine.

Upgrade to Premium

Good e-Reader is a free app and your support allows us to keep on enhancing the app with new features. A one time fee of $9.99 grants you access to:

• Remove all advertisements from the home screen and Audio Player
• Cloud Storage: Bring your library with you to as many devices as you want, including smartphones and tablets. Your reading position and library is preserved. Load once, read anywhere. Cloud Sync needs access to your Google Drive account.


What languages do you support?

We support Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Romanian, Russian,
Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Turkish, Welsh. If you live in Australia, Canada, Britain, Ireland or the United States we have regional accent system.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is completely free! You will see ads that help us generate revenue or you can sign up for our PRO membership that unlocks Cloud Sync and removes the ads. Amazon bills us for every minute you listen to an ebook, so upgrading to pro really helps us out!

So I can sideload in my EPUB or MOBI DRM-Free books and it will be read aloud?

This is a core tenant on why we spent six months developing the Audio Reader. We do not want to lock you into a walled garden or give you any restrictions.

Can I just Read eBooks?

If you do not want to take advantage of our new TTS engine, no problem! You can simply read an ebook the old fashioned way. TTS is not enabled by default, you need to activate the function.

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    • Trouble with ver 1, found this update, many voice choices. I had a problem with loading a file and found the file was the problem, great now
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      WOW, heard about this on YouTube, it is AMAAzing!
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