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NOOK Study and eTextbook FAQs
What is an eTextbook?
An eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a physical textbook.
What devices can I read an eTextbook on?
eTextbooks purchased from Barnes & Noble are meant to be read on your computer via ou
r NOOK Study
application. You
use your NOOK or mobile device to read textbooks as the screens are too small to
properly view the contents.
Can I read my eTextbook on more than one computer?
Yes, you can read your eTextbook on up to two (2) computer
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my eTextbook?
No. Once you’ve downloaded your eTextbook it is accessible to you anytime from NOOK Study. However,
you will need to be online to take advantage of the Lookup features or when syncing your
Can I access my eTextbook from the web?
No, eTextbooks from Barnes & Noble are not accessible via the web. You can only access them with the
NOOK Study eReader application.
Will my eTextbook look exactly like the physical version?
Yes, the publis
hers have worked hard to preserve all the content from the physical version to be used in the
digital version. That means you’ll see the same graphs, charts, tables, drawings, etc. as you normally would
in the physical version.
Why are there copy and prin
t restrictions on eTextbooks?
Restrictions have been set by the publishers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their textbooks. These
restrictions limit the number of pages you can copy and print from a book. We list each book’s restrictions on
the pro
duct details page on the website and the Book Info page in the NOOK Study application. After you
purchase a book, you can download it to your NOOK Study application. Before you download the book, you
can select whether you want to download the Enhanced ver
sion or Regular version. The Enhanced version
allows for copy and print; the Regular version does not.
What do the copy and print restrictions for eTextbooks actually mean?
Printing is tracked in whole pages, regardless of whether you select a paragraph o
r the whole page of text.
You may not send more than 10 pages at a time to the printer. Copying is tracked in “copy instances.” A
copy instance is worth 1,000 characters (including spaces). You receive a fixed allotment for print and copy
when you first do
wnload your book. After you start using your allotment, you accrue pages back.
Why can’t I find the textbook I want in digital format?
We currently offer thousands of textbook titles in digital format. However we realize there are still many titles
not ye
t available on BN.COM and we are working closely with the publishers to continuously increase our
collection of eTextbooks. The best way to submit requests for textbooks is to send an email to
. We’ll keep you posted as to additional ways to submit requests as they
become available. Include as much of the following data elements as possible:
Full title
Either 10 or 13 ISBN
Copyright year
Please note
that we will consolidate requests received and work with the publishers but we cannot promise
that the requests will be fulfilled since it is up to the publishers to make that determination. We can promise
that we will do everything we can to make as many
titles available in NOOK Study as possible.
If my title comes with supplemental materials, will I get them with my purchase of the eTextbook
Due to the digital delivery format, eTextbooks do not include CD content or other companion materials th
may be available with the new physical book.
Can I try out an eTextbook before buying it?
Yes, you can! We offer a 7

day free trial of most of our available eTextbook titles.
How does the free trial work?
The free trial gives you full access to the en
tire book during the trial period. However you will not be able to
copy or print pages from the book. We recommend you use this time to become familiar with the NOOK
Study interface and get acclimated to reading the textbook on your computer. At the end of
the free trial
period, you will have the option to buy or rent the textbook.
If I rent my eTextbook, do I need to return anything at the end of the rental period?
No, because your textbook is digital, there is nothing to return! If you choose to not buy
the book or re

rent it
at the end of your rental period, your license will simply expire and you will not have access to your textbook.
You will still be able to access your notes. However, we do offer you a grace period after the expiration of
your rental
period to buy or re

rent the book.
Can I return a
eTextbook that I purchased or rented?
If your eTextbook has not been downloaded or you have not used your access code, you can call Customer
Service for a full refund. If you have downloaded your eTextbo
ok already, you can only request a refund
within 7 days of download.
Can I purchase eTextbooks if I reside outside of the U.S.?
Due to contractual obligations with publishers, eTextbooks can currently only be purchased by customers
residing in the U.S and
I’m having some issues with my book (it won’t open or it doesn’t look right)

what do I do?
Please call our Customer Service team at 1



BOOK and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Device Questions
If I switch computers, what happens to all
of the notes and annotations that I make in my book?
All of your notes and annotations on titles you’ve purchased are safely backed up to the Barnes & Noble
“cloud.” That way, if you have NOOK Study installed on a second computer and you switch to it, you
will still
see all of your notes and annotations.
How many times can I download my eTextbook?
Each eTextbook that you purchase can only be downloaded onto a maximum of two devices (e.g. home
computer and your laptop) per the Digital Rights Management rul
es set by the publishers. But please note,
you can download your eTextbook to that same machine as many times as you like.
Features / Tools
What is the “Print to NOOK Study” feature?
“Print to NOOK Study” is a feature that lets you print anything to your
NOOK Study application, whether it’s a
Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, or an article on the Web. After installing the NOOK Study version
1.5, a print driver for “Print to NOOK Study” will be automatically installed to your computer.
On a PC, to p
rint a document to NOOK Study, simply go to File

> Print and change the Printer Name to
“Print to NOOK Study”.
On a Mac, to print a document to NOOK Study, simply go to File

> Print

> PDF (bottom left hand corner)

Print to NOOK Study
The document w
ill be converted to a PDF file and automatically imported into your NOOK Study application.
Does NOOK Study offer any Accessibility features?
In version 1.5.5, NOOK Study began to offer a Beta version of Keyboard Navigation and Text


This will h
elp people with disabilities to better interact with the NOOK Study application:
To turn on/off these features go to the Application tab in Settings AND use the keyboard shortcuts to
Keyboard Navigation:
To activate go to Application tab in Se
ttings or use the hot key
To navigate through the application, use ‘Tab’ and ‘Shift Tab’ to move around and ‘Enter’ and ‘Arrow Keys’ for
further navigation.
To deactivate go to Application tab in Settings or use the same hot


To activate Text


Speech go to Application tab in Settings or use the hot key
As you navigate around the application, speech commands will notify you of where you are a
nd what to do if
there are options such as a drop down.
When reading a textbook, ‘Space Bar’ activates and deactivates the speech of the book. For additional
shortcuts, use the hot key
For all free titles, like imported do
cuments, this feat

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