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UpdatedDecember 26, 2013
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JFrotz is a Java implementation of Frotz version 2.43.
JFrotz can be used to play Z-Machine compatible interactive fiction games, e.g., the stories created by Infocom (Zork, Enchanter, etc.) and modern stories created by the Inform compiler.
*** You will need a Story File to use JFrotz ****
A search for interactive fiction will result in a huge list. Many story files can be found on the Interactive Fiction Archive – http://www.ifarchive.org/

JFrotz supports Z-Machine compatible story files.
Story files must be saved to the device’s file system, e.g., the sdcard, to be used. JFrotz does not (yet) come with any installed story files.

*** This is an initial version of the software ***
Version 0.2.4 is an initial version of the software. It has some known issues and an unpolished user interface.
What Works:
JFrotz should support most of what the unix/linux version of frotz supports, e.g.:
* 1.0 Z-machine standard compliant, with the exception of scripting.
* Save/Restore in standard Quetzal Format. This allows games to be saved on your device and restored on a different computer, which works nicely with Dropbox.
* Settable rows for backscroll.
* Improved soft keyboard support, including autocomplete
* font support for accented characters
* Note: The “Fit Height” mode for the number of rows is optimized for use with either a hardware keyboard or the built-in ZBoard. It does not play well with the soft keyboard, which constantly changes the height available to JFrotz. For soft keyboard use, please choose a fixed number of rows, which will provide a backscroll.
What is currently being worked on (Expect updates at a high rate):
* Support for copy text
* Editable Command history
* Macro capability
* Story Library (in addition to basic file access)
* File playback
* Frotz hotkey functionality
* Scripting
JFrotz is currently available for both Android and J2ME devices.
JFrotz is completely free and open source (GPL v3) – http://sourceforge.net/projects/jfrotz – I am very open to suggestions and offers of help (support@lafayettestreetsolutions.com).
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