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ePub is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. It is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device. The feature of ePub, especially compared with Word and PDF formats, the content in an ePub book is not pre-formatted as fixed book pages. When a reader device displays the content of an ePub book, it formats the content into pages according to the display size and text font. So when you are reading an ePub book, all you have to do is only flipping the pages. You don’t have to zooming or panning the window to view the page parts out of the displayed area.
Plainly speaking, the chapters in an ePub book are XHTML web pages, because almost the present electronic devices have the ability to display web pages, and XHTML pages fit in the reflowable requirement of the ePub spec. An epub-reader device is just added the ability to divide the displayed XHTML files into book pages. In fact, there is a built-in software engine in iPhone that formats XHTML into book pages, but Android does not has a such thing.
This freeware makes your Android phone become an ePub reader. It manages the .epub files you imported from SD card or downloaded from web sites, and let you read them by flipping as books, or by browsing as web pages. This software is not bound to any book store or online library. In addition, it provides you some web-site links to download DRM-free ePub files. If you are familiar with web browsing, the software reserves the function that lets you read the chapters as raw web pages.
The software is a lite reader for ePub format. It only takes 400KB in your phone, and can run smoothly on low-end Android phones.
– It’s also a downloader: The software is not bound to any book store or online library. It has a built-in web browser. You can visit any web site with this browser by entering a url. When you click a hyper link to an .epub file, the software downloads and imports this .epub file for your convenience. If you don’t know where to download ePub books, the software provides you a list of web sites.
– Various operation modes: You can choose to read ePub files as web pages or as books. If you choose to read ePub books by page flipping, you can further choose to flip the pages by tapping or sweeping.
– Remembering the last reading position and bookmarks: The software automatically remembers the last reading position and used text size of each book for you. In addition, you can also remember the current reading position by adding a bookmark.
– Moving books to SD: it leaves your internal spaces for other apps.
– Low power consumption: This software does not kill your battery.
Remarks: There is already a know bug in Android 2.3 about running JavaScript bridge in WebView. If you get problems when reading books in book-flipping mode, please turn to web-browsing mode in Settings.

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