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UpdatedJanuary 20, 2013
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4.0.3 and up

GitdenBook Reader is an awesome eBook Reader that supports all of new EPUB standard from 2.0 and 2.1, all the way to 3.0 formats at the highest levels. It is our very first effort in building an completely new eBook Reader for the Android platform and we believe it’s the most complete and convenient EPUB3 eBook reader on the market. Please visit our blog for more information.
If you cannot open EPUB2 or EPUB3 file with our Reader any reason, you may contact us for support by using the Inquiry Menu from the Main Menu of the app. (You cannot read EPUB files which are protected by proprietary DRM system.)
* The first EPUB3 Reader for Android platform that supports Audio, Video, Table, and SVG images.
* Supports EPUB3 Embedded Fonts and Full CSS3 specifications.
* Plan to support Fixed Layout of EPUB 3.0 specifications within the First half of this year.
* Supports external dictionaries: ColorDict, Naver, Daum, and Wikipedia.
* Share your favorite books with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail integration. Other social platforms are on the way.
* Tap on the Left side of App to turn to the Previous page or tap on the Right side to turn to the Next page.
* Swipe to the Left to turn to the Previous page or swipe to the Right to turn to the Next page.
* Alternatively you can setup to Turn the Physical volume Up to turn to the Previous page or Turn the volume Down to turn to the Next page.
* Swipe Up to Set Bookmark or Swipe Down to Release Bookmark.
* Tap on the Middle of the screen to Turn On/Off the Book Toolbar Navigation system.
* Tap Text [aA] Icon to change Fonts and Other Settings for your reading comforts and pleasure.
Here are the options in the other options in the Settings area:
* Brightness Control: Adjust reading brightness separate from the device settings.
* Font Size: Adjust font sizes with Smaller and Larger buttons.
* Line Heights: Select between Default/General/Large presets.
* Font-face: Select Embedded Font face of the Book or Base Font-face supplied with the device.
* Paragraph Alignment: Select from Preset Alignments or Left Justified.
* Customize your reading experience: Choose from our Day, Night, or Sepia modes for easy reading any time of the day.
* Last read position is always saved automatically for each book.
* Unlimited Multiple Bookmarks can be saved for each book.
* Highlight text in Multiple colors and Multi-colored paper backgrounds for Annotations.
* Easily access Index, Bookmarks, Highlights, and Annotations by tapping on the Table of Content Icon and delete multiple items with ease.
* Highlights and Annotations can be easily deleted by tapping on them for selection.
* Easily edit or delete Annotations by tapping on them or Icons representing them on the Right hand corner.
* Search for keyword from the Main text and quickly move through to the Page associated with the Results.
* Navigate to any page with ease from your current page.
* Ability to “undo” your page navigation to your Last visited page.
* Double tap to zoom images for better viewing experience.
* Ability to read PDF files with external PDF reader.
* Manage your library: Import and Delete books easily in the bookshelf.
* Select Import Menu from the Main Menu to import books from External sources. In case of using such Cloud services as Dropbox, please save the file to regular folder first. (This feature only supports standard EPUB files.)
* Ability to Sort the library by Date, Title, and Author.
* Please feel free to inquire about how to use GitdenBook Reader by selecting the Inquiry Menu from the Main Menu.

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