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Google Books for Android

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Version5.3.12_RC05.271185651 (86215)
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UpdatedSeptember 29, 2019
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Use Google Books to read over 3 million ebooks on the go.

Build your ebooks library in the cloud with Google Books: jump right into a bestseller or select from nearly 3 million free ebooks. Personalize the reader to your liking, pick up reading where you left off on your phone or computer, and settle down with a great book on your Android phone!

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  • Nothing but a blank page...
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-04
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-01
  • where are the books?
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-23
    great app
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-18
  • quick download yaya
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-03
    it is ok
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-01
  • this is dumb and it sucks it gets black wen I go on it!!!!!!!
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-21
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-19
  • Good
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-18
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-17
  • wood
    starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-06
    I've got a black screen like many why is that?
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-12-31
  • bueno
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-12-05
    just got started we will see
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-11-29
  • dont work
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-11-29
    it is cool just stated.
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-11-25
  • won't allow me to add an account 🙁
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-11-10
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-10-18
  • looks good
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-10-07
    good apps
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-10-06
  • this sucks doesn't work just a black screen
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-23
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-22
  • can't create account, just black page same as everybody else
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-22
    black page not good
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-17
  • help its a black page
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-17
    can't add account it doesn't work
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-11
  • This sucks does not work
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-09-10
    no comment
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-31
  • b etter d/load eveything else like playstore never d/loads well it d/loads but is always unavailable
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-17
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-15
  • I tryed installed the Google books nd no can do nothing happpen black screen
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-12
    harry potter
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-09
  • freebooks
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-04
    thanks a lot to do
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-04
  • looking forward to google books
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-07-31
    so far so good
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-07-27
  • didnt work!
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-07-26
    I downloaded app no problem clicked on add account nothing happened just a blank page
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-07-22
  • i dont know how to use this!
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-03-24
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-03-14
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