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Guide to Comic Book Collecting


Guide to Comic Book Collecting

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Bang! Pow! Shezaam!
A Guide to Comic Book Collecting

You loved them as a kid. Maybe you even taught yourself the basics of reading by association. Okay, so the educators might not agree. But plenty of folks cut their teeth on comic books. Now it’s time to turn that fun into a real hobby!

As we said, the educators may not agree but I’d bet there are lots of folks out there who remember when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Huey, Dewey and Louie were our favorite characters.

How many of you can recall waiting for the Saturday afternoon when your Mom went shopping and you begged to tag along? The main reason was to head straight for the comic book aisle where you’d while away the hour or so perusing the latest adventures.

If you were lucky enough to get a weekly or monthly allowance you’d have a dime clutched tightly in your hand to buy the latest adventure to add to your collection.

Maybe you can even remember the occasional mishap. Something akin to leaving a window open during a rainstorm and having a stack of your comic books sitting too close to the window.

Geesh! Who knew then that some day a few of them might have been worth the equivalent to what your Dad made in a week! Well, maybe not quite that much but valuable nevertheless.

Some say that back then a stack of comic books was the equivalent of the television programs of today. Maybe they are right. It does seem like those comic books of old grabbed us and allowed our imagination to take flight in ways that kids today just don’t experience.

We’d soar off to the planet Krypton to help Superman find a cure for his latest challenge with Kryptonite.

We’d head off to the Amazon to help Wonder Woman beat back ruthless headhunters.

We would even help Uncle Scrooge to get refill his coffers after the latest villain learned the secret pass word to his vault.

Those were the good ole’ days, weren’t they?

Are you one of those lucky people who had a Mom that was not only smart but who savored nostalgia in all its forms? If so and she saved those comic books in old cardboard cartons in the attic you might just be one of the luckiest people on earth!

Years ago, comic books were a huge entertainment venue. Today, they are big business and especially so if you happen to have a stash of old ones. Even if you don’t have an instant inventory, comic book collecting may be just the hobby you are looking for.

Living the frantic lifestyle that we do today, many people are finding that a hobby goes a long way toward reducing stress and adding a good balance to the pressurized life we lead.

If you loved them as a kid, you might just find your stress reliever is collecting them. All you need is a little guidance. And, that’s where
Bang! Pow! Shezaam! A Guide to Comic Book Collecting comes in.

It is jam-packed with everything you need to know to begin collecting comic books. All the bases are covered. Not only will you learn all about how to buy and sell comics, you will also learn how to grade them. Not all comic books are created equal and you need to know which ones are worth more than others.

There is an entire chapter dedicated to protecting your comic books and another that discusses the appraisal process.

Another chapter discusses those heroes of old that we so admired and even some of your favorite evildoers are profiled. More information delivered in Bang! Pow! Shezaam! A Guide to Comic Book Collecting is a discussion on new software available to help you in cataloging and tracking your new avocation.

If you’ve ever wondered about how a comic ends up as a move you’ll love reading about “Comic Books in the Movies.”

Throw in a chapter about the various authors and illustrators and your looking at a very comprehensive guide to help you begin this new endeavor.

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