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The Rabbit and the Lion


The Rabbit and the Lion

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The Lion and The Rabbit

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The Lion and The Rabbit

Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a very powerful and cruel lion in the jungle. This lion was the king of jungle. He used to set out of his den to take a round of the jungle.

Page 2: While roaming here and there in the jungle he used to kill many animals in vain. His anger was out of control. All the animals were terrified from the lion.

Page 3: Animals of the jungle were so troubled with the lion killing animals every now and then that they decided to go to the lion and ask for mercy.

Page 4: Animals reached to the lion’s den. There leader Kangaroo said to the lion, “Our holy king! We have decided that one animal amongst us will come to you every day for your food. You need not to hunt now onwards.”

Page 5: Kangaroo continues, “But you need to promise that you would not kill the other animals. Please have mercy on us.”

Page 6: The lion agreed to the proposal and said, “I would not kill the other animals but be careful if someday you miss to send one animal I will kill all of you.” Animals agreed and thanked the lion for his mercy and went back to their places.

Page 7: Now every day one animal went to the lion’s den. The lion used to kill it and ate it up. He did not need to come out of his den. That became the regular routine of the lion.

Page 8: One day it was a rabbit’s turn. He was known for his wisdom. The clever rabbit was walking very slowly towards the lion’s den and thinking of an appropriate plan to save himself as well as the other animals from being killed.

Page 9: The rabbit wanted a permanent solution for this problem. As the rabbit was moving forward towards the lion’s den he suddenly saw a deep well nearby.

Page 10: The rabbit climbed up on the rim of the well and looked into the water. He saw his own reflection in the water. He smiled. Now he had got the plan to get rid of the terror of the lion.

Page 11: Now he reached to the lion’s den. He was too late. The lion became very hungry. He came out of his den and waiting for his food very angrily. When he saw the rabbit he asked with rage that why he came late.

Page 12: The rabbit answered cleverly, “I am very sorry king but it was not my fault. When I was coming to you I came across one another lion. He said that he is the king of jungle and he wanted to eat me.”

Page 13: The rabbit continued, “He also said that he is the new king and you are no more the king of this jungle. He was about to eat me up, I somehow managed to escape from him.”

Page 14: The lion roared loudly with anger and madness, “show me the other lion. I will kill him and prove that I am still the powerful king of this jungle. Take me to the place where the other lion lives.”

Page 15: The rabbit took the lion to the well and said to him, “My mighty king! The other lion lives in this well. You look into the water and you will find him.”

Page 16: As the king looked into the water he saw his own reflection into it. He became mad in anger and thought that it was the other lion.

Page 17: He jumped into the well to kill the other lion and drowned. The moral of the story is wisdom is the best weapon. One can defeat the most powerful person with his wisdom.

Page 18: The rabbit went back happily and was very excited to tell the whole story to the other animals. He was proud of himself that he saved not only himself but also everyone’s life and killed the mighty lion with his wisdom.

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