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Tortoise and Rabbit - Story


Tortoise and Rabbit - Story

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Tortoise and Rabbit – Kids Story

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The Rabbit and the Tortoise

Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a rabbit and a tortoise in a jungle. The rabbit was a fast runner and he was very proud of his speed. He sometimes boasted in front of the tortoise who was a slow runner.

Page 2: The tortoise got tired of hearing the rabbit’s praise. He decided to challenge the rabbit for a race. Rabbit accepted the challenge happily. He was overconfident about his victory.

Page 3: Now who would be the judge? Bear suggested that Kangaroo should be the judge. Kangaroo agreed to judge the competition. Kangaroo decided that the competition would begin the next day.

Page 4: Next day all the animals gathered to watch the race of the rabbit and the tortoise. Some animals had pity on the tortoise because he could run very slowly. They were quite sure about his defeat.

Page 5: The race started. Both rabbit and tortoise began to run. All the animals watched the race with anxiety. They wondered who would win?

Page 6: The rabbit ran very fast and in no time he covered the half way. He looked back and found the tortoise nowhere. The tortoise ran very slowly that the rabbit left him far behind.

Page 7: The rabbit was confident that the tortoise would take a lot of time to cover the half way. He got tired and decided to take some rest thinking that there was a lot of time to relax. So he lay down to take rest.

Page 8: The rabbit went fast asleep very soon. The tortoise ran and ran at his pace without stopping anywhere. He crossed the rabbit. The rabbit was still sleeping.

Page 9: The tortoise was continuously running. Though he was slow but still he reached the finishing line. All the animals cheered for him.

Page 10: The rabbit woke up after some time. He got worried. He thought the tortoise might have passed him. Again he began to run very fast.

Page 11: The rabbit reached to the finishing line but the tortoise was already there. The tortoise won the race. The rabbit repented that why he went asleep in the middle of the race but it was too late.

Page 12: The judge Kangaroo announced that the tortoise is the winner. All the animals cheered for him very loud. The tortoise was very happy.

Page 13: The rabbit felt ashamed of himself that he often boasted in front of the tortoise about his speed. The moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.”

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