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Smart Battery Saver

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UpdatedSeptember 25, 2014
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We have launched a new app. Add-on battery helper function.
We changed the name to the Smart Battery Saver (SBS).

● Home

– You can hold a battery, memory, task, installed app, CPU status.
– We work quickly diagnose and resolve through the reset / exit and offers tips for saving battery.

● Task Management (Tasks)

– If you touch the item, manage menu will appear.
– Background, a list of running processes that are stopped
* Service Process : does not show up as a service to users running process (mp3 music playing, atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewed when you end.
* Background Process : applications to users that do not show up. Safe to end.
* Empty Process : Kill-able process. Cached application
– Memory usage information
– Data size information
– Cache size information
– The process stop, restart, delete, and detailed information
– Add ignore list and Ignore list management
– Auto-end task
– Application share(Recommend)

● Real-time process

– Real-time process information
– Memory usage information
– CPU usage information

● System Information

– Battery Informations(Temperature:Celsius/Fahrenheit, Level, Health, Status)
– Memory(RAM) informations(Total, Used, Free)
– System storage space informations(Total, Used, Free)
– Internal storage space informations(Total, Used, Free)
– External storage space informations(Total, Used, Free)
– System cache space informations(Total, Used, Free)
– CPU status
– System / Platform informations
– Network status
– Screen information
– Processor information

● Settings

– App Settings: You can change all the settings of the Smart Battery Saver application.

● Home screen widget

– (SBS) Battery Home screen widget 1×1
– (SBS) System Dashboard Home screen widget 4×1

Use shortcuts on the main screen, you can easily Smart Battery Saver program, you can access.

Bugs, issues or ideas, please let us know. I will review the application as soon as possible.

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