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PublisherKallyn Gowdy
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UpdatedApril 27, 2014
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Swipe Calc is a simple set of calculators. Switch between calculators with one flick of your finger!

– Simple Scientific Calculator supporting Trigonometric functions
– Tip Calculator
– Subnet Calculator with support for IPv6

Scientific Calculator:
– All basic operations (+, -, *, /,√, ^, Mod)
– Trigonometric functions (Sin, Cos, Tan and inverse functions)
– Basic conversion functions (ToDeg, ToRad, ToGrad)
– Expression completion
– Tablet Optimized
Tip Calculator:
– Simple
– Just Bill Amount and Tip Percentage is required
– Automatic results

Subnet Calculator:
– Support for IPv4 and IPv6
– Select subnet masks in different ways (Slash notation, Number of users, ect.)
– View network address, address range, broadcast address (IPv4 only) and class
– Navigate between networks with the Next and Last buttons
– Tablet Optimized

Required Permissions: None
Why should a calculator need to access the internet or your GPS?

Ad Free!
Swipe Calc achieves all that it does without the need for annoying ads.

Suggestions for improvements and bug fixes are always welcome! Just email me!

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