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MyScript Stylus (Beta)

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PublisherVision Objects
Version 3.3.32
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Updated March 28, 2014
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** Download a time limited copy of MyScript® Stylus™ Beta for free and join our Google+ community to tell us what you think and find tips to improve your experience**
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MyScript® Stylus™ Beta is an interactive handwriting recognition application that allows real-time text input on touch-screen devices designed for fingertip/stylus use such as mobile internet tablets or smartphones.
Help refine and polish MyScript® Stylus™ Beta before we officially release it.
Designed for all types of touch-screens (capacitive, multi-touch, …), MyScript® Stylus™ Beta is an alternative to onscreen and physical keyboard in any application requiring text entry such as SMS, MMS, email, text editor, calendar, task manager, web browser, directory, etc.
MyScript® Stylus™ Beta key features
• The handwritten input is converted into digital text in real time in the active application.
• Editing capabilities:
MyScript® Stylus™ Beta recognizes intuitive gestures to:
Insert line breaks
Delete characters, words or sentences
Insert spaces
Join words
You can also overwrite a character to change it
Recognizes common Asian emoticons
• Horizontal scrolling:
To help users write long words and phrases, the writing area scrolls over progressively.
• Display mode:
MyScript® display orientation can be switched on the fly from portrait to landscape by simply rotating the handset.
• For each word, a list of alternative results appears in case the recognized word is not the expected one.
Found a bug? Report it at
MyScript Stylus BETA doesn’t collect any of your data (Credit cards or any other information). We only convert your writing to digital text. An operating system message will warning you about “Any input method can still your information”, this is an automatic message that Android displays for all downloaded text input applications (Keyboards, etc.).
Available language packs
Languages available for the User Interface include: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.
MyScript® Stylus™ Beta recognizes natural handwriting in 54 languages. It also supports cursive English recognition when combined with Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).
54 handwriting recognition languages:
– Arabic
– Armenian
– Azeri
– Basque
– Bulgarian
– Catalan
– Chinese Simplified
– Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong)
– Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
– Croatian
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– English (Canada)
– English (United Kingdom)
– English (United States)
– Estonian
– Farsi
– Finnish
– French (Canada)
– French (France)
– Galician
– Georgian
– German
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Hungarian
– Indonesian
– Icelandic
– Italian
– Japanese
– Kazakh
– Korean
– Latvian
– Lithuanian
– Malay
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Portuguese (Portugal)
– Romanian
– Russian
– Serbian (Cyrillic)
– Serbian (Latin)
– Slovak
– Slovenian
– Spanish (Mexico)
– Spanish (Spain)
– Swedish
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Urdu
– Vietnamese

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