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AlarmPad - Alarm Clock Free

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Updated May 23, 2014
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★★★ “AlarmPad is a new utility that makes your alarms useful.” – LifeHacker ★★★
★★★ “All phones have a default alarm clock, but that’s a basic affair. AlarmPad is much more sophisticated, and you may end up wondering how you managed without it.” – Gizmodo ★★★
★★★ “Make sure you take AlarmPad for a spin and get to know all the new features.” – MakeUseOf ★★★

AlarmPad is an all new alarm clock that brings context to your alarms. When your alarm rings, it will display the weather forecast, your calendar appointments, and much more. AlarmPad is very customizable, and you can install third-party extensions to teach it new tricks.

Features include:
• Get information in context: Set the alarm and get weather forecast updates, your appointments, and much more by installing extensions. Developers, it’s easy to create one. Get started with this open source sample code:
• Dismiss the alarm to a beautiful notification view: Get started for the day with all the information you need in one place, immediately after dismissing your alarm. AlarmPad can also speak to you in 12 different languages.
• Customize your alarm any way you want: AlarmPad supports ringtones and your music files, gentle volume increase, voice commands, bluetooth devices, custom snooze options, math puzzle, and much more to let you set your alarms the way you want.
• Advanced mode: Synchronize your alarms with your calendar events, restrict them to a specific location and skip them before they ring.
• Use it with other apps: AlarmPad comes with a Tasker plugin and a DashClock extension. You can also set alarms straight from Google Now.
• Use your MindMe Pro Key: If you already bought the MindMe Pro Key, you get AlarmPad Pro for free!

About the free version
You can only have 5 active alarms at a time on the free version. The alarm clock allows as many alarms as you want but you need to disable the active ones first when you reach the limit.

The free version is also ad-supported. Ads only have access to your Internet connection to display them and estimate your country/city location.

To remove these limits and ads, please consider buying the pro version.

Interested in getting the pro version for free without ads plus trying out new features before everybody else? Please join our test community on Google+:

About the permissions
To see the explanation for each permission we use, please visit: and get the test version. You can also buy the MindMe Pro Key instead of this version and get all other MindMe apps currently available and to be released in the future.

AlarmPad brings context to your alarms. Set an alarm and see right away the weather forecast and your calendar appointments for the day and time following your alarm. AlarmPad listens to your calendar updates and offers beautiful widgets that put in one place your next alarm, calendar appointment and weather forecast. It also allows you to listen to your personal messages and speak voice commands to dismiss or snooze the alarm.
(AlarmPad is in beta. Please consider writing to us before leaving a review: We will be happy to work with you to add new features or fix any issue you might have.)
Main features
* Add new alarms with fewer clicks: AlarmPad helps you pick the right time for your alarms by letting you set up morning, afternoon, evening and night times.
* Get information in context: Set the alarm and get weather forecast updates and your appointments for the date and time following your alarm.
* Dismiss the alarm to a beautiful notification view: Get detailed weather and calendar information immediately after dismissing the alarm. AlarmPad can also speak that information to you.
* Customize your alarm: Set your own personal message and let AlarmPad speak it in your language. It supports speaking the message while the alarm rings or after you dismiss it.
* Set an alarm for your calendar events: AlarmPad detects when you create a calendar event and asks if you want to create an alarm for it. Simple and easy.
* Use your bluetooth device: AlarmPad supports bluetooth so you can dismiss your alarms with a voice command while driving
* Integrate it to DashClock: AlarmPad comes with an extension to display information about your next alarm on DashClock.
* Integrate it to other apps: Automatically set alarms using other apps such as Tasker by simply choosing the “set an alarm” option.
* Use your MindMe Pro Key: If you already bought the MindMe Pro Key, there is no need to buy another. AlarmPad works with the one you already own.
About the PRO version
This version removes ads and allows you to have unlimited alarms. Consider buying the MindMe Pro Key instead if you also want to use our other app, MindMe Smart Notifications.
About the permissions
* Full network access: Needed to get weather updates.
* Record audio: Needed to let you speak voice commands to dismiss or snooze the alarm
* Approximate and precise locations: Needed to give you weather updates based on your current location
* Read calendar events plus confidential information: Needed to read your calendar entries and time. We only access and read your entries’ time and title
* Read phone status and identity: Needed only to detect whether you are on the phone to prevent AlarmPad from talking at the same time
For more details please write to us at

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