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Updated October 15, 2013
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Secure SMS is a secure communication application, a complete alternative to the Android system SMS and contacts, integrating SMS security, SMS management, contacts management and mobile security in one app. High-strength encryption, private information and contact management, password protection and other security measures, Secure SMS provides all-round protection of the privacy of your SMS.
Secure SMS mainly has the following features:
The most powerful SMS bodyguard
Transmission encryption: SMS is encrypted from sending side to receiving side, can not be interpreted even if SMS is captured.
Storage encryption: Private messages are encrypted with multiple encryption measures and stored in your own private space to ensure privacy security.
Privacy Contacts: Important contacts can be added to private contacts and they are not visible in system contacts. SMS regarding privacy contacts will be automatically displayed in cipher text and stored with encrypted form.
Cipher-text Display: SMS regarding privacy contacts can be set to cipher-text display. Only user enters the correct password in order to view the message content.
SMS Hiding: Any received SMS, can be moved to private message, which is stored in the private space with encrypted form, can not be viewed in the system SMS.
Mobile security: User can send anti-theft commands, to remotely control stolen phone, to remotely destroy phone data, to protect mobile phone privacy security.
SMS hiding with a shake: Private and secret SMS can be hidden when you shake your mobile phone.

The most convenient SMS assistant
Quick reply: When receiving a message, Secure SMS automatically pops up a window, in which quick reply can be sent.
Bulk SMS: You can select multiple contacts to send bulk SMS. It’s convenient and can be set to display recipients’ name and number.
Auto-Backup: When Secure SMS exits, private data will automatically backup into SD card. You needn’t to be worried about data loss.
Frequent Contacts: Frequently used contacts can be added to a commonly used group of contacts. It’s easier to find, make phone calls and send messages conveniently.

Recent changes:
1. 新增商旅生活的安全保护, 消费最安心!
2. 新增商旅生活桌面快捷, 优化商旅生活UI适配!
3. 修复某机型收到短信未显示的BUG;
4. 修改摇一摇隐藏私密信息为默认关闭;
5. 修复了其它一些BUGs.

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