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Adaptxt Keyboard – Tablet

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UpdatedOctober 14, 2013
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Adaptxt Tablet keyboard – the intelligent keyboard for your Android tablet! It enables Faster, Smarter and Fluid texting in over 50 Languages.

The new look of the ADAPTXT logo will start reflecting in app from the next update.

Adaptxt delivers another ‘state of the art’ predictive text keyboard for Android tablets!

Our latest Adaptxt 2012 Sports theme for tablet users flaunts a new vibrant keyboard layout and a specific 2012 Sports (EN) dictionary.

The tablet keyboard theme consists of a lively combination of green, blue, orange, red and yellow colored flame spread across the keyboard. The 2012 Sports (EN) dictionary proves to be a resourceful addition as it facilitates relevant error correction, next word prediction while texting thereby ensuring minimal keystrokes while enjoying the games.

The Adaptxt keyboard for tablet comes with many advanced customization options that allow you to adjust it to your texting style.

Besides a standard keyboard layout, Adaptxt features a new “split” keyboard layout with easily accessible keys for two-thumb typing on 7″ and 9-10″ tablets.

Adaptxt tablet keyboard for Android also introduces an experimental handwriting feature.Over 50 language add-ons and 35 industry specific add-ons are free to download from Google Play.

Key Features:

•Repositionable Suggestion Bar (above or under the keyboard)
•Enhanced keyboard layouts for tablet (split keyboard and standard keyboard)
•Learn from Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Contacts.
•Smart word prediction and error correction
•Language specific keyboard layouts
•Multiple language prediction
•Post message to social networks
•ATR – Automatic Text Replacement
•Handwriting Recognition – Experimental

• Enhanced Tablet Keyboard Layouts:
Text faster on our new split layout. Switch between split keyboard and standard keyboard with just a tap on the Adaptxt Quick Settings key.

• Handwriting Recognition:
An experimental feature for quick text input on the keyboard. Slide your finger in the form of the required character and it will be entered in your message.

• ATR – Automatic Text Replacement:
This cool new feature allows you to create shortcuts for your favorite phrases and enter them with a single tap on the keyboard. The ATR shortcuts would also be offered as suggestions as you type, along with conventional suggestions.

• Repositionable Suggestion Bar:
You can choose your preferred position for the Suggestion Bar, above the keyboard or under it, to better suit your typing style.

Does not support Jelly Bean.

Visit our support forum if you have any query:

Or check our FAQ section for common queries:

Supported languages:
•Arabic – العربية
•Basque – Euskara
•Belarusian – Беларуская
•Bulgarian – Български
•Catalan – Català
•Croatian – Hrvatski
•Czech – Čeština
•Danish – Dansk
•Dutch – Nederlands
•English (UK)
•English (US)
•Estonian – Eesti
•Filipino – Filipino
•Finnish – Suomi
•French (CA) – Français (CA)
•French (FR)- Français
•French CH – Français (CH)
•Galician – Galego
•German- Deutsch
•Greek – Ελληνικά
•Hebrew – עִבְרִית
•Hungarian – Magyar
•Icelandic – Íslenska
•Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia
•Italian- Italiano
•Latvian – Latviešu
•Lithuanian – Lietuvių
•Malay – Bahasa Melayu
•Norwegian – Norsk
•Persian – فارسی‎
•Polish – Polski
•Portuguese (BR)- Português (BR)
•Portuguese (PT)- Português (PT)
•Romanian – Română
•Russian – Русский
•Serbian (Latin) – Srpski
•Serbian (Cyrillic) – Српски
•Slovak – Slovenčina
•Slovenian – Slovenščina
•Spanish (ES) – Español (ES)
•Spanish (LA) – Español (LA)
•Swedish – Svenska
•Turkish – Türkçe
•Ukrainian – Українська
•Urdu – اُردوُ
•Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt

Supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY and many other keyboard layouts.

Recent changes:
License updated

• New theme – Sports 2012
• New Sports dictionary add-on – 2012 Sports (EN)
• Installation wizard
• Adaptxt Quick settings
• Enhanced Tablet Layouts
• Handwriting Recognition – Experimental
• ATR – Automatic Text Replacement using ATR shortcuts
• New Ergonomically designed Repositionable Suggestion bar
• Fix for Setup Wizard issue

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