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ToDo List TaskDash ADHD (free)


ToDo List TaskDash ADHD (free)

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Version 1.9
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Updated October 12, 2013
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WORKFLOW (short – details below)
★ The smoother way organize your daily tasks and calendar schedule ★

a) Enter tasks
b) Enter finishing time
c) Press “Start”
d) (you can temporarily disable the task by clicking on it, long-click will delete it)

TaskDash will assign a time slot for each task according to its impact. It is so easy to be organized and productive with this todo manager!

This SW was developed with the short ADHD attention span in mind:

– get EVERYTHING done
– minimal distraction: only one task at one time
– no hyperfocussing
– fun and easy to track tasks, activities, chores, projects, lists, checklists, actions, schedules whatever

Observation: a lot of ADHD people are getting lost in their daily todos

* Not spending enough time on the items with high impact in their life but wasting time on unimportant things (loosing track of priorities)
* Forgetting about time either by doing too much at once or hyper focus
* Having trouble to start with small task
* Not following through to complete a bigger task
* Wearing the black belt of procrastination

There are a lot of Time Management Apps or timers on the market but none it seemed to be the right one for an ADHD person (e.g. me).
Therefore I wrote one myself and for me it is the top app for realistic task management.

Imagine you have a bunch of tasks to complete.
You enter them like in a typical ToDoList program manner but for each item you label it for its impact on your life.
(I prefer “impact” over “priority” because it requires the user to focus more on importance than on urgency)

You start with the end in mind. That means you enter your finishing time (e.g. one hour later).

The App assigns a time slot to each task for the user gets to work on it. The duration depends on the impact: the more impact the more time you will spend on this task.
And – high impact tasks are always done first! That is the way to get things done!

In the display you can only see ONE single task displayed. Other tasks are not visible so you cannot be distracted by thinking what else is on the list.

There ist a countdown timer and a progress bar on the screen to monitor how much time is still left.
When time is up the App sounds or vibrates and the you move on to the next task (aka time boxing like the pomodoro technique).

Exactly one hour later (like you have entered in the beginning) you have finished one dash through ALL of your tasks. Yeah, boost your productivity the easy, simple and fun way!

Maybe there are still open tasks left but you can delete the finished tasks and start the next dash round whenever you want. Easy agenda!

So you follow through bigger tasks easily just by keeping it in your list until they are finished. Now that is simple project management to generare quick achievements. Ideally you use it in combination with a calendar app like Business Calendar, Jorte Calendar or other calendars.

Keywords: ADHS ADHD task management phone gtd timer clock productivity calendar 2012 todo agenda todo app doit app

Recent changes:
V1.9: Debugging and cosmetic changes

V1.8: Now with background mode!

V1.2: Minor display improvements

Full version has:

+ tasks can now be disabled/enabled

+ new feature: warn 1 minute before task is over
+ volume up down keys now change sound volume
+ timer setup now with description

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