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UpdatedOctober 12, 2013
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The best for Dual-Antivirus: COMPACT and ACCURATE.
Using Dual-Antivirus apps on smart phone is very prevalent nowadays. The advantage is to achieve the best protection. The obvious concern is resource consumption. SeCore Antivirus is the best choice for dual Antivirus users: the smallest storage, the highest detection rate, and save battery.
Comparing SeCore with AVG Antivirus, SeCore beat AVG Antivirus!
Storage: SeCore 1.04MB—-AVG 14.80MB
Detection Rate: SeCore High—-AVG Low
Battery saving mode: SeCore Yes—-AVG No
Stealth mode: SeCore Yes—-AVG No
Features Overview
– Detect and remove not only viruses/spyware but also greyware.
– Detect and remove aggressive and standard adware.
– Detect and remove suspicious apps that can track your location.
– Detect and remove suspicious apps that can monitor you.
– Free email technical support and customer service.
– Postpones scheduled scan or update when the battery is low.
– Don't popup viruses/spyware warning to avoid alerting intruder.
Best ad network detector. (Free)
Compare with virus, more people are upset by aggressive ad networks that push annoying ads to notification tray, modify browser's homepage, place ads icon on home screen, display float window ads everywhere, consuming network data in background and more. SeCore Antivirus can detect all aggressive ad networks and help you remove them.
State-of-the-art privacy protection. (Premium)
In fact, privacy issue is the biggest concern of mobile security. Spyware is everywhere, anyone can easily get a spyware and monitor others. Many Antivirus solutions treat spyware as virus. But it is totally wrong! Virus and spyware are completely different, in particular, virus is WRONGLY installed by YOURSELF, while spyware is INTENTIONALLY installed by OTHERS such as your angry EX, your suspicious spouse, your hard boss, or even your kindly parents. The spyware intruders usually know you very well. They take away your phone, installed the spyware, and give back the phone, pretending nothing happened. Remember that this is the most common scenario of spyware infection, antivirus app can do nothing but popup a warning window to alert the intruders of the detection. Of course, the intruders will remove the warning, remove the antivirus app or swift to another spyware that can escape the detection.
To fight with spyware and privacy stealers, SeCore is fully armed and on guard with distinguish features:
When Stealth Mode is enabled, SeCore can detect the spyware but won't popup the warning window to avoid alerting the intruders. Next, when you check the SeCore app as usual, SeCore can help you find out the spyware and remove it.
*REFINE Anti-Spyware into Anti-Tracking and Anti-Surveillance.
Anti-Tracking can detect and remove suspicious apps that:
– Track your location.
Anti-Surveillance can detect and remove suspicious apps that:
– Steal your SMS messages.
– Steal your contact list.
– Steal your call logs.
– Record your phone call.
– Record sound surrounding your phone.
– Open phone camera.
– Steal instant message logs.
– Steal your email.
– Steal your browser info.
– Steal your photo.
– Steal your video.
– Steal your banking info.
– Consume your phone bill.
– Record key stroke.
– Steal your account credentials.
– Steal your WiFi credentials.
Compatiable with: Dr Web, Lookout, Avast, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky, Zoner, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, NQ, Webroot, Bitdefender, Ad Detector and more.
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