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UpdatedOctober 10, 2013
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StatWatch® from DRB Systems, Inc.®
A secure and dynamic overview of key carwash data presented to you wherever you are!
Available at no charge to DRB Systems SiteWatch® support group members, StatWatch provides constant and secure up-to-the-moment updates of key sales and labor stats from your SiteWatch point of sale system through your Android phone (tablet devices not currently supported). Statistics are presented in easy-to-read formats with user-friendly intuitive navigation and color graphics.
*Easy monitoring of your SiteWatch operation remotely.
*At-a-glance comparisons between sites, as well as hour-to-hour and day-to-day comparisons.
*Detailed daily historical car count and sales data for the Wash profit center in the Almanac.
*Integrated weather tracking, including a 5-day forecast from AccuWeather®.
*See what employees are working and available at any time, along with their hours worked for the day and week.
*Tap-to-call allows you to call or text employees right from the employee listings.
*Compare data between different sites or different time periods.
*Monitor the tunnel status of any sites running the TunnelWatch® for Windows tunnel control software.
*No charge to SiteWatch support group members!
Note: StatWatch requires a server process that runs on your SiteWatch Server. Visit to get started!
StatWatch for Android requires Android version 2.1 or above and works best on devices with a screen resolution of 480×800 (WVGA800) or 480×854 (WVGA854).
Devices with lower resolution screens may run StatWatch for Android but is not recommended or formally supported.
StatWatch for Android is not recommended or formally supported for use on tablets or devices with Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” installed.
Revision History:
If you have any problems, notify
– Fixed crash in Currently when switching to Site/ARM
– Fixed “Force Close” crashes.
– Car counts and pace in the site selector follow the profit center selection.
– New IndustryWatch® graph in Almanac compares your site's performance with the wider car wash industry or region.
– Added ability to expand Labor Roles to show employees working in Site/ARM.
– Added expandable All Employees to Labor Role list in Site/ARM.
– Fixed Force Close after version 1.2 update
– Stats can now optionally include “Total Sales $” in place of either “Sales $/Car” or “Extra $/Car”.
– “vs. Previous” comparisons can now be either “Period To Date” or “Complete Period”.
– Toggle between Employees Working and Employees Available on the Currently page.
– “Tap to Call Employee” has a new option to text available employees.
– All/Paid profit center was renamed to Site/ARM.
– The Site/ARM profit center on the Currently page includes Sales by Profit Center, Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) Statistics, and Labor by Employee Role sections.
– Added Conveyor Speed button and TunnelWatch stats screen. (Available with TunnelWatch for Windows® version 3.4 or later.)
– New comparison options and updated graph on Compare screen.
– Whole new “Almanac” tab is added with the following sections:
– Open/Closed Status and Notes for selected date.
– Car count for selected day with Wash Cars by Hour graph.
– Perspective for selected day with 365 Day Histogram graph and Percentile ranking.
– Observed and forecasted weather for selected date.
– In History stats showing month and year to date comparisons for the current and past year.
– Month At A Glance showing car counts, weather, and monthly summary of car count, days open, and total precipitation.
– Initial Android release

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