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My Daily Success Checklist

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Updated October 8, 2013
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Welcome Goal Achiever!

This Apps’ mission is to encourage, support, and reward you for taking meaningful daily action towards the attainment of your goals, big or small. To help you take consistent action long after the excitement you felt when you committed to a worthy goal has faded.

One of the reasons you might not be successful at reaching a goal is because you did not take consistent and sustained action for a long enough period of time.

This checklist was especially created to help you take daily consistent action over time.

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” – Tony Robbins

“…we have to make good decisions, use discipline and be consistent for long enough to see the results we desire.” – Darren Hardy

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us either to fortune or failure” – Jim Rohn

The idea is simple:
1. Enter the actions you know you have to take daily to reach a goal. Like: Workout for 40 minutes, make 10 cold calls to prospective customers, send out 10 resumes to potential employers, write at least 10 pages for project, etc.

2. Put the widget on your home screen. When an action is not yet completed it shows up in bright colored text. Once you check an action off the list the text becomes a lighter color.

3. Your daily mission now becomes to see the list go from bright (in the morning) to gray (before going to bed). You can instantly see how far down your action list you are at a glance. This color change also signals that you had a successful day. A day in which you accomplished all the actions you needed to take you one day closer to your ultimate goals.

A successful day, with all items checked, results in a green check mark placed on the calendar. Watching a series of check marks fill up the calendar, helps motivate you to stay consistent.

There is an indicator on the main list screen that shows the number of consecutive successful days. This is your success streak. A streak with seven or more days turns this indicator green. This gives additional motivation for consistency.

The home screen widget also serves as a constant reminder of the actions you need to take today. Each time you use your Android device you’ll see the list and the amount of actions remaining.

In short: Don’t go to bed if your list is not completed. If bedtime is near and your list is not close to completion, get to work on what is left on the list!

If you have any questions or comments send an email to:

Ideas for Uses:
– Goal achievement
– Motivation
– Build and re-enforce good habits
– Behavior modification
– Build discipline

– Simple visual design to remind you of your success actions
– Number of unchecked high priority items displayed at top of on screen widget
– Priority indicator to designate importance of items
– Priority significance chooser. This allows you to specify which priority level items need to be completed to qualify for a daily check mark
– Four widget sizes: 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, and 3×4
– A variety of text and background color choices
– Change text size of list and widget
– Alarm on individual list items
– Automatic daily list reset at the time you specify. You dictate when your day ends

– Modify/Delete SD card contents – Backup and restore list to SD card
– Full Internet Access – Contact Google or AdMob to display advertisements
– Control Vibrator – Make the device vibrate when alarming

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Recent changes:
Autobackup of database
Ability to add details on missing days in calendar up to 30 days
Internal performance and visual improvements
Fix crashes some users have been seeing
Icon help screen

Added ability to edit the past 30 days of historical entries (Back by popular demand!)
Added text to bottom of icons
Added preferences to top action bar
Priority indications now seen when reordering list
Minor cosmetic changes
Internal changes

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