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UpdatedOctober 7, 2013
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Easy History Cleaner is an android system tool which can clean history ,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,make your phone's speed more faster.
[Clean what]
★ Clean Browser History
★ Clean All App Cache
★ Clean clipboard
★ Clean Incoming Calls
★ Clean Outgoing Calls
★ Clean Missed Calls
★ Clean Gmail Search History
★ Clean Google Maps Search History
★ Clean Android Market Search History
★ Clean Youtube search history
★ Clean Google Searchbox History
★ Clean Downloads
[About permissions]
All permissions required by this app are used for implement app function or required by ad ,my apps won't do anything hurt users.
[What is Application Cache Files]
Application Cache Files are temporary files created by applications. For example, when browser visit a web page, it will save the image files as cache files. These cache files are not useful when app ends, so you need a system tool help you clean these old cache files. Often clean cache , is a good habit, it could save your disk space and make your phone speed up.
[Why Some Histories Need Clean Manually]
Because these histories are saved in their own data storage ,system do not give permissions to third-party apps to access these data , they only can be cleaned by user's action.
Please don't worry , “Easy History Cleaner” will direct you to these app's settings page, I prepared detailed help pictures to show how to clean ,just follow these pictures, you could do it easily:)
Thanks thses friends translate and test this app:
Russian:Roman Rublevskiy
Italian:Gian Luca Bignardi
French:Gregor Meunier
German:Chris P
Portuguese:Matheus Lara
Thanks for their great help and valuable time!

Please do not hesitate to give suggestion or report bug, please contact

Icons of this app is under GPL,LGPL or cc License.
Website of Icon Author:
Thanks for their excellent work!

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