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Updated October 4, 2013
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CoffeeShop Apps is a point of sales (POS) software for manage products, ingredients, stock, cost, profit etc. for a small coffee shops or kiosk (1 cashier only). The CoffeeShop is a standalone software it can work in offline mode. The CoffeeShop support barcode scan and print sales slip. The CoffeeShop is a low cost system because android device is cheaper than ios or windows pc. and our thermal printer is small and not expensive. It is good for small or starter shops.

* Create/cancel/view selling bill for customers
* Create/cancel/view purchase bill to suppliers
* Print sales slip(1)
* Create formula for product
* Point system for get free items (marketing promotion)
* Barcode, QR code scan for product, ingredients and customer
* Reports of selling, purchasing and profit
* Reports of product and ingredients inventory
* Export any of your reports to CSV.(2) file for send and share
* Backup and restore database
* Share report and backup file to Dropbox, Email, etc…
* Delete/reset selling bill, purchase bill, stock and member point
* Automatic calculate ingredients stock
Example. Greentea Latte = Greentea Powder(10g) + Water(0.1l) + Fresh Milk(0.06l)
when you sales Greentea Latte.
– Greentea Latte Cost = Cost of Greentea Powder(10g) + Cost of Water(0.1l) + Cost of Fresh Milk(0.06l)
– Stock of Greentea Powder = Stock of Greentea Powder – 10
– Stock of Water = Stock of Water – 0.1
– Stock of Fresh Milk = Stock of Fresh Milk – 0.06
* Support English/Thai menu language
* Maximum 25 selling quantity per day for unregistration sofware, unlimited for Register
(1) Print by Mini Thermal printer only (
(2) CSV is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by business, and scientific applications (Microsoft Excel etc.).

System requirement:
* Android 2.1 or higher.
* 2-Megapixel back camera or higher and autofocus.
* Bluetooth enabled.

1. ZXing Barcode Scanner Apps is requisite you can install it on Google Play
2. Install Coffee Shop Apps

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