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UpdatedOctober 2, 2013
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You can access Macau’s No.1 job database via your iphone and android smartphones. By registering as a member, the matched job alerts will be sent to you automatically. Find your dream jobs on the go!
hello-jobs.com哈囉好工網擁有全澳最新最齊的職場空缺資訊,立即註冊成為hello-jobs.com的會員,即可利用頂級網上智能配對技術,自動為您配對好工,理想前途由此起﹗現在我們更推出澳門首個搵工手機應用程式,立即下載便可透過iphone 或android智能手機隨時隨地瀏覽申請大量澳門最新好工,緊貼澳門職場實況。登記成為會員更可接收最新配對好工,話咁快幫您搵到至筍好工﹗

• 幫您追蹤過千份澳門好工
– 所有好工經已分門别類,隨時一按即搵到心水好工,搵工真係話咁易﹗
• 即時接收最新好工
– 只需選擇職位種類及行業,即可接收配對好工,搵工完全無難度﹗
• 最快最新求職市場動態及職場錦囊
– 為您提供第一手澳門市場資訊、人力資源狀況,及求職好貼士,務求令您一擊即中搵好工﹗
• 了解澳門最新薪酬數據
– 讓您時刻掌握全澳各行各業最新薪酬行情,為您提供精準數據,極速拓展事業,邁向成功﹗

-全民參與 – 全澳職場快樂指數
• 您對現在的工作滿意嗎?您今日返工快樂指數是多少?您期望的下一份工加薪幅度是多少齊齊投票,推動全澳首個職場快樂指數。人人發放正能量,職場生活輕鬆又寫意﹗
• 隨時查閱澳門香港公眾假期表
– 無論您身處何地,上網或離線,都可即時查閱澳門香港公眾假期表,我們更會陸續加入其他貼心資訊,助您事業穩步上揚 ﹗

Key Features include:
• Search thousands of Macau Jobs on the go
– All jobs has been categorized, and you can search thousands of great jobs within a few clicks. Easy to find great jobs!
• Matched job alerts delivered to your phone
– Simply register with us with basic information. Matched job alerts will be sent to your phone instantly.
• Latest job market news and career tips
– Provide you with the first hand Macau job market and human resources information and latest career tips as well.
• Vote for Macau Employee Job Happiness Index
– How happy are you with your current job? How happy are you at work on Monday? How happy are you with your boss? What is the pay rise you expect when you change job? Your vote counts! Let’s unveil the truth of Macau Employee Happiness Index.
• Macau and Hong Kong Public Holiday reference
– No matter where you are, online or offline, you can always check the Macau and Hong Kong statutory public holiday, bank holiday, government holiday. Easy reference on the go.

Download hello jobs App and get your matched jobs now!

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