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On and On Battery Saver

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Updated October 1, 2013
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Get 70% more battery life.
On & On Battery Saver is one of the most advanced battery savers available for Android.
All you need to do is install the app and battery saving starts immediately. Our proprietary Delta technology enables your phone to be in Delta (battery saving mode) and still be connected to the network!
All premium features are 100% free – NO PAID UPGRADE required!
Our research has shown that network usage is the biggest battery drainer.
Our intelligent network algorithm quietly saves up to 70% of your network and battery usage, at the same time keeps you connected effortlessly.
Manage sleep mode settings efficiently. Save WIFI and mobile data usage when your phone is in sleep mode and still get your messages and email at frequent intervals – Fully configurable.
Does not interfere with Android's internal working (like shutting down apps – Android does this best ON IT'S OWN) – so no crashes!
Does not run heavy processes in the background, that drain your battery
Light weight, thin interface!
– Works on proprietary “Delta Technology”
– Puts the device in “Deep Delta” mode when asleep
– Hands Free optimization
– 5 primary profiles + custom profiles with fully configurable features
– 3 Secondary modes to help save even more battery on your Android device
– Special modes for night time, low battery and while charging
– Time based automatic profile switching
– Battery level based automatic profile switching
– Special roaming settings to save on Data network usage (saves money)
– Free optimized wallpaper to save battery life
– Customizable Alerts for low battery and time based switching
– Automatic profile switching
– Profile based settings for GPS, Ringer Volume and Bluetooth
– Device checks your email/messages at predefined intervals automatically
– Screen off delay settings
– “Screen On” settings in all profiles
– Widget with Data and WIFI toggle.
– Customizable whitelist for apps. Allows continuous Internet usage when listed apps are running
– Customizable network setup. You decide which network to use in any particular profile – WIFI, Data or Automatic network selection
– Customizable settings for autosync
– Customizable settings for haptic feedback
– Screen brightness optimizer toggle
– Battery level and health indicators

Q. Will my WIFI/Data be off when in battery saving mode?
A. No. The battery saver automatically optimizes network usage so that you are never left without Internet because of your battery saver. All network settings are fully customizable.
Q. How do I know which settings are best for me?
A. You could try the default Delta levels or customize the profile as per your needs.
Q. I do not need Internet at night. Can I turn it off automatically between certain times?
A. Of course! Just make the required changes in the Night Mode settings screen
Q. Can I be alerted when my battery is lower than a pre-set limit?
A. Yes! You can setup alerts to inform you when the device is below a certain percentage of battery level. You are always in full control.
Not just that, you can have the device switch to “Super Saver” mode automatically when the battery level is lower than the level you have set
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