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If you love to read, you will love our definitive e-Reading, Manga, Comic book, newspaper and magazine apps for Blackberry 10 and the Playbook.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

 Sickipedia for  Playbook and Blackberry 10


Sickipedia for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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3rd party Sickipedia viewer for Android! (warning: mature content)
If you like the app, get the in-app purchase to support it’s development, and you’ll receive text-to-speech support for jokes, and a darker theme too! If you like Sickipedia, support them by visiting their site and buying a t-shirt!
Why do you update the app so much? You’re ruining my life!
Holy entitlement batman! Noone is forcing you to update the app, if it works for you, don’t update it for a while! Nothing is more annoying that putting in effort to fix problems people email me about, and implement new features, then see comments where people actually *complain* about the work i’m putting in, for a predominantly free app no less!
Enjoy your 1 star, you ruined my life! Thanks, but can you explain why? Constructive criticism can be useful, and if i have no idea *what* your problem is with the new version, how can i possibly attempt to fix it?
I can’t purchase TTS/the darker theme? Make sure the app is on the latest version and it should work, the Google Play app can be quite finnicky about stuff like that. Failing that, email me your log file please!
How do i remove the filters? Long press on the category that is filtered and hit unblock. Or hit Menu -> Clear filters. If you can’t comprehend these simple instructions (that are also presented to you when the app first runs) then i suggest that this app isn’t for you, as you may be illiterate 🙁
My categories aren’t working, but normal jokes are? Go into the categories view and hit refresh then try again.
The font size is too big/small! There’s an option in the menu to increase/decrease it as much as you want.
I can’t open the app unless i go to the market page! Your device is rubbish, try uninstalling/reinstalling the sickipedia app and restarting your device.
My widget is dead? Try restarting your device and re-adding the widget, it *should* be working still! Also make sure the app hasn’t been moved to the SD card!
The old app was better/you suck! Cheers, but it wasn’t better, it was broken, didn’t use the newer android libraries, didn’t support tablet layouts, and was ugly. It may have been marginally better for older phones, and i’ll dig out a link to the old apk at some point for those people, but going forward for newer devices this will be a far better experience.
New version, pretty much a complete rewrite, compatible with tablets and phones, download at your peril! (Android 2.1 and up only, sorry folks).
If you have any problems/issues, let me know (or hit the report bugs option in the app itself), however please check first to see if it’s not down temporarily!
Warning: contains adult/offensive content. Uncensored viewer for By installing you agree I cannot be held liable for said content!

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