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Photo Editor Ultimate Free

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Your ultimate free photo editor! Colors, effects, partly color, etc!
Photo Editor Ultimate Free is the ultimate photo editor for your Android® device! You can edit your images easily and send them to all your friends.
**Note, our app does not edit/delete existing pictures from your device. Also not when uninstalled. If pictures are disappearing try a reboot or contact us so we can try to help you.**
New in version 6.9.6 (new year’s present!):
As a new year’s present we added the following features (including some bug fixes)!
– Cloning tool, draw with one brush which draws what another arc is moving over
– Apply an effect to part of the image: Bulge, Twirl, Wave, Jitter, Pixelate
– Combine two images diagonal and/or intertwine (enable/disable borders)
– Overlay a second image *
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If something doesn’t work just contact us. Please first contact us before posting a review since we can’t respond to reviews.
Will it cost me money?
No, you don’t have to pay. However, we also have a paid version with extra features like clipart, though you don’t have to buy that version. We released the payed version so we can support development and continue releasing updates.
– Crop (draw a rectangular to which the image will be cropped)
– Rotate (set rotating angle) and/or flip (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
– Resize (set width, height, get the size of the image)
– Change the brightness, contrast and/or gamma
– Color filters: Black & White, Color filter, Exposure, Gray tint, Gray scale, Invert (negative), Quantize, Sepia, Swap, Tritone
– Effects: Border, Bulge, Emboss, Jitter, Marble, Mirror, Pixelate, Reflection, Sharpen, Smoothen, Sphere, Tint, Twirl
– Combine two images horizontal, vertical, diagonal and/or intertwine (enable/disable borders)
– Overlay a second image *
– Paint on the image **
– Apply an effect to part of the image: Bulge, Twirl, Wave, Jitter, Pixelate
– Cloning tool, draw with one brush which draws what another arc is moving over **
– Partly color **
– Save the image to the memory or sdcard using a save file dialog, overwrite the loaded image or save to the pictures folder
– Share the image (email, facebook, etc)
– Upload to Imgur (copies url to clipboard) or to TwitPic
– Preview the image (zooming supported using multitouch)
– Change the settings of the application: change image quality, change filename format, enable/disable popup on closing, max size and height of loaded image, change sorting method of browse popup
– select Photo Editor Ultimate when selecting a picture in your own file browser
When you buy the full version you will get the following extra features:
– Apply manual color filters (change Alpha/Red/Green/Blue and/or Hue/Saturation/Luminosity values)
– Color filters: Alien, Channel mix, Gain, Gamma RGB, Infrared, Map, Mask, Posterize, Random, Rescale, Solarize, Threshold, Transparency
– Effects: Circle, Diffuse, Dissolve, Edge detect, Emboss color, Fisheye, Frei-Chen edge, Gaussian blur, Kaleidoscope, Mean removal, Noise, Offset, Pinch, Polar, Prewitt edge, Ripple, Swim, Tile, Tilt-shift, Time-warp, Water, Wave
– Add text using our online font database (2.000 fonts or upload your own) *
– Add clipart (over 2.000 clipart images) *
– Upload ImageShack (copies url to clipboard), Tumblr, Glowfoto (copies url to clipboard) or your own server (with POST)
* resize, transparency, color filters, effects, contrast, brightness, gamma, manual color filter, rotate, flip
** change brush size, transparency and/or movement

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