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Christmas Adventure Kids Story


Christmas Adventure Kids Story

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Celebrate Christmas with the Elves. Funny Puzzles for Kids. Amazing Artwork.
Celebrate Christmas with this beautiful Advent Calendar.
This is the TRIAL version of “Elf Advent(ure) Calendar 2011” with 16 free screens. Only the full version contains all 24 episodes.
Have fun and help the Elves to save Christmas! Will they manage to wake the Frost Giant in time?
* 16 exciting episodes!
* An exciting Elf Advent poem with hilarious verses
* Beautifully drawn graphics
* Entertainment for kids and the whole family
* New: Cool Sound FX for some episodes.
The full version of “Elf Advent(ure) Calendar 2011” contains all 24 episodes! If you like this
application, please support our small company and upgrade to the full version which is now available via the Android Market.
“Elf Advent(ure) Calendar 2011” is an Advent Calendar for kids. The story is told as a poem in 24 exciting episodes. Solve a puzzle each day to help the Elves on their adventurous journey during this thrilling christmas countdown!
The diligent Elves are almost finished with their Christmas preparations, as they notice the disaster: The lazy Frost Giant has overslept!
Unfortunately he is responsible for one of the most important ingredients for a perfect Christmas: Snow!
A delegation of Elves travels to the Giant’s cave in order to wake the sleepy head, but this proves far more difficult than expected. Will they manage to put things right? And also in time to bring snow to everyone until Christmas Eve?
This is a fun Christmas Calendar with cute puzzles for Children. It starts with the Elves working at Santa’s workshop. There are different games, some animated puzzles, some jigsaw puzzles, other ones containing drawings for kids. At the end of each daily mini-game funny animations await. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this collection of riddles, brainteasers and other fun things.
The backgrounds of the puzzles are beautifully drawn christmas paintings by talented artists who have worked
on amazing christmas cards and christmas stories for kids before.
Merry Christmas and all the best from the Dancing Squirrel Team!

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