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Dreamboard Mobile for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


Dreamboard Mobile for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Dreamboard Mobile is the #1 digital dream journal app. 100% FREE, private, secure and confidential. The most fun and beautifully designed dreams app.
Cannot remember your dreams? Want to analyze them? Lucid dreaming? Use Dreamboard Mobile on your Android smartphone and on the web.
=== Record your dreams in seconds ===
Log your dreams on your mobile when you wake by selecting a simple set of options like moods, feelings and colors and jot down a dream description.
=== Browse your dream journal ===
Create, annotate and browse your private personal dream journal. Past dreams are saved for you to read, rediscover and update at any time.
=== Analyze dreams over time ===
Observe trends in their dreaming activity. Dreamboard finds similarities between past dreams, aggregates dream data in a private dashboard and gives users feedback about their dreams
✔ Totally revamped UI
✔ Very fast and “lightweight” app
✔ Full synchronization of Dreamboard from Android to any device/tablet
✔ Easy fast entry interface to add a new dream in second
✔ Predefined tags and data, such as emotions, places, colors or people
✔ Predefined dream symbols and archetypes
✔ Add your own tags and descriptions
✔ Ability to highlight recurrent dreams, lucid dreams or a dream series
✔ Alarm clock with reminder/invitation to record your dream
✔ Daily reminder/notification to record your dream
✔ Full keyword search of your dream journal
✔ Dashboard with stats and information about your dreams
✔ Improved dream analysis and stats dashboard
✔ Improved “dream tree” graphical representation
✔ Facebook and Twitter login
✔ Complete privacy and security of your dream journal

“I love the idea! i’m always googling the meaning of my dreams.”
“Had actually been thinking about starting a dream journal again right before you sent me this– I think this a great idea”
“So excited about learning my other life!! The dream world! a lot of our life is dreaming!”
“I found the graphic design fun, peaceful and easy on the eyes”
“I LOVE this application, great concept! love your design.”
“I always post my dreams on my web journal so this even better!!! thanks for creating this.”
“@Dreamboard is pretty impressive. Much easier than pen and pencil dream-journaling. Can’t wait to see what they add to their site.”
“@Dreamboard I’m excited to start my dream journal. YAY!”
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