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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Quality of life, geolocalized, in Nantes.

Looking for a flat to rent? You probably care not only about the apartment itself, but also about the neighborhood. How far is the nearest school? How many museums around? Is there any train station nearby?

VuzZz retrieves geolocalized Open Data metrics and gives a grade to any place you want, based on more then 50 different criteria, dispatched into 6 categories (culture, transport, …).

Some of you probably care about culture, while others are more interested in means of transportation. You can therefore define the weight of each category, so that the grade matches your own needs.

Since you’ll probably want to compare the grades of different places, we added an history panel that shows the grade repartitions for each category.

Last but not least, VuzZz also integrates deeply with the Android Operating System. Any Google Maps link such as,2.357233 can be opened with VuzZz, and you can of course share those places and grades with your friends.

VuzZz won the Paris Android DevCamp 2012 after 2 days of intensive development (february 18th and 19th). You can follow its developers on Twitter :
* Pierre-Yves Ricau @Piwai
* Romain Sertelon @BluePyth
* Alexandre Thomas @AleksThomas
* Joan Zapata @ShuyaInc

* And the app itself : @VuzZzAndroid

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